Berlin praises & prayer requests

We’re midway through our Berlin campaign and there’s so much to tell! 67 Jewish people and 209 Gentiles have given their contact information to hear more about Jesus. Two Jewish people and 30 Gentiles have prayed to receive Yeshua (Jesus) so far.

Co-leader Irina Volodarska says, “It was a fitting closing to our first week when we heard from Pastor Andreas—the pastor of the Jerusalem Church where we are based. Last Sunday, a man came to their service with our broadside in one hand and a church invitation in the other. After sitting through the service, he came to talk to Pastor Andreas—then prayed and surrendered his life to the Lord!!! We are extremely happy that the Lord allows us not only to sow His word, but also to witness His harvest.”

More praise reports:

Beate: “On Potsdamer Platz, an elderly man was so happy when he saw the Hebrew lettering on my T-shirt. Mr. ‘A’ is from Israel, on vacation with his daughter and grandson.  He asked permission to hug me, then gave me his address in Israel, so he could get more information about Jesus. Later, a young Israeli named Dan also gave me his contact information. In the afternoon, we passed out tracts on Alexanderplatz where I met a Muslim from Gaza who was willing to hear the gospel . . . and prayed with me to receive Jesus as his Redeemer! I was really excited, as were the angels in heaven!

“I also met two young Israeli women who had read about Jesus on Facebook and promised to look at the Jews for Jesus website.”

Richard: “An older Israeli woman was eager to talk to me about the Jews for Jesus in Tel Aviv. She was aware of our efforts to spread the gospel message and while she does not believe, she said that the Israeli government should be more tolerant of our efforts. She commended me for presenting my beliefs to the people in Berlin. She was with a young man who appeared to be her grandson. I was not able to get her contact info, but I will refer to her as ‘Anna.’ She claimed to believe in God, and believes Jesus was a great man and prophet — but not the Messiah who died for our sins. Please pray for God to work in Anna’s heart.”

Dörthe: “A middle-aged Israeli couple approached me. The woman wanted to know more and listened as I told her the gospel. She told how her grandfather was killed by the Nazis in Berlin. I told her that my grandfather was a Nazi storm trooper, and began to cry as I asked her forgiveness. She assured me that I was okay. I told her that I am not really okay on my own, but Jesus lives in me and has given me a new heart. The man showed me a picture from Auschwitz-Birkenau on his phone. They were interested in hearing about how I had spent a year as a volunteer working with Holocaust survivors in Ma’alot, Israel. They had heard of Jews for Jesus in Israel, but were not ready to give their address.

“On the way home from a sortie, a young man of about 20 saw my T-shirt, and told me he had been noticing them for a few days. He claimed to be an atheist but when I asked if he’s read a lot about atheism, he was a little uneasy. I was able to tell him the gospel, and he told me that he’s Jewish. He appreciated that our T-shirts identify us with Jewish people despite the growing anti-Semitism. I told him it is a privilege to me to wear it. He didn’t have a street address, but gave me his email. It was very encouraging.”

Igor Barbanel (director of our work in Russia and Ukraine): “I had a bad headache one morning and I believe it was because Satan was trying to stop me. I went on the sortie (tract-passing expedition) anyway, and met a group of older Russian-speaking Jews. I told them that I am from Odessa, and they said they’d moved to Germany from Odessa! One of the group, Constantine, understood that he was a sinner and that Jesus is the Messiah. I offered to pray with him to receive Jesus as his Lord, and he prayed with me.”

Eric: “I was doing a sortie in Alexanderplatz when Leonid told me to move to the train station. I did what he asked, without wasting time, but I didn’t know what was ahead of me. A 30-year-old man approached me and I went through the proposal statement with him. He was VERY open, and we prayed on the spot for him to accept Christ! Thank God for Leonid’s direction! The man’s name is Julian.”

Shannon: “The first person I met who prayed to receive Christ was someone whom I encountered within two minutes of reaching my sortie site. A German man named Michael was on his bike when I gave him a tract. He stopped while still on his bike, so I thought I would keep passing out tracts. The light changed a few times, but he still hadn’t left, so I asked him what he thought about the tract. He looked at me with tears in his eyes, and it came into my heart that he must be ready to pray. So I asked him if he wants to be sure about what he read about Jesus. He said yes, so I asked him if he wanted to pray. He said yes, and prayed so loud that he was a sinner in need of God’s forgiveness that it brought me to tears, as well.

“In the afternoon we were in Friedrichstraße and again, a person came up to me on a bike, this time a woman. I gave her a tract and she stopped, saying she would read through it and give it back to me. Before she finished it she told me that she’s read the Bible and is Palestinian, and asked why Jews killed her friends, if Jesus is alive.

“I asked God for help, and was able to witness to her and receive her contact information. Then I felt led to share my story. She took off her sunglasses and started to cry, and shared that she has recently been diagnosed with cancer and doesn’t know how long she will live. She said she is afraid that she will go to hell. I told her I believed Jesus brought her to this conversation so that she would no longer have to fear. She prayed with me to receive Christ, and, like the man I prayed with that morning, she was so passionate about her declaration that she is a sinner in need of God’s forgiveness. Please pray for ‘D.’”

Berlin campaigners

Please pray for:

  • all the new and near believers we’ve prayed with and for so far.
  • our stewards: Sarah, Andrea, Georg and Martin, who pack the bags, do the laundry (one washing machine for 25 campaigners), enter contact information, handle all the follow-up mailing, and carry heavy bags of clean laundry from our “morning office” to our “evening office.” Some of them are not feeling well and your prayers are most appreciated.
  • recovery for those who are sick or injured among us: among them, our volunteer from the Philippines, Shannon, was struck on her shoulder and has been in great pain.
  • the German post office: workers are on strike and delivery that usually takes only one day may now take unknown amounts of time to arrive.
  • the showing of the Forbidden Peace film on July 10. The film gives personal testimonies of Arabs and Jews who have been reconciled through Jesus. Please hold this event in your prayers, that many people will come and that their hearts will be open.


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