Moishe Rosen Center Outreach

Melissa Moskowitz, happy to exhibit some of her photos at our first public outreach from the Moishe Rosen Center

The Massah team joined the branch for our first event open to the public at the Moishe Rosen Center!

We used this occasion to put up an art gallery at the Moishe Rosen Center and invite the public. It was a beautiful sight. Our theme was ‘Florentin, Our Neighborhood.’ We had photos of the neighborhood, and paintings by Will [depicted doing street art in last month’s RealTime] and we served crepes, coffee and watermelon.

We also had a photo booth where people could take a picture with a “We love Florentin” sign. The artists from Massah had their bios up, and we also had a few signs around the building that said the following:

Thank you for attending our art show! The building in which you’re standing is called the Moishe Rosen Center. It’s a place where the Jews for Jesus organization here in Tel Aviv invites you to not only attend tonight, but to come back for future events that include talks, concerts, coffee and new friendships.

Moishe Rosen was an American believer in Yeshua the Messiah who began the Jews for Jesus “movement” in 1970 in San Francisco. The Center here in Florentin is named in his honor because he helped make Yeshua an unavoidable issue for our Jewish people worldwide. We’d love a chance to talk to you again about Yeshua and why we believe He is the Jewish Messiah.

Tonight’s Lilah Lavan [“White Night”] exhibit celebrates the creativity and freedom we have found in our relationship with God. Enjoy the art, the espresso, the crepes and each other. We’re glad you came! Our doors and hearts are open to you, not just tonight, but also in the future.

We got to talk to many of our neighbors, who were all excited to meet us as they had been curious about our building. They were happy to celebrate with us.

For months, there has been a neighbor that parks his bike next to mine at the Moishe Rosen Center. We have always been friendly but had never really gotten into a conversation—until he came to the gallery with his girlfriend. They both kept asking what we were all about, I was able to give his girlfriend Zahava* the gospel message. She had heard the gospel before while traveling in New Zealand, but she was really surprised to hear about Jews that believe. She inquired if she could come study with us. One of the things she was interested in was how do we atone for our sins. I will continue to pursue this conversation.

We had 95 people show up; 40 of them were Jewish believers in Jesus and 55 were Jewish non-believers.

It was truly an incredible night and a great start to outreaches from the Rosen Center.

*Not her real name

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Posing with our sign for the White Night outreach


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