Eli Birnbaum reports, “Well, it has been an incredible time so far. We had a lot of heavy touring and traveling. But we also had two more night outreaches in Tel Aviv with a lot of repeat ‘customers’ who wanted to hear more and be engaged with art and conversation.

“On Thursday night we all were very fired up to go out for evangelism, but the moment we got there, we had a lot of opposition—there was an uneasy feeling in the air, and a drunk guy almost threw a punch at us. Still we were able to get into 40 gospel conversations. Five people gave us contact information, and two received New Testaments. We had a sense of accomplishment to stand out there despite the opposition.

“The next night, Friday, we were all a little discouraged about going out but I, as a leader, was really encouraged to see the team persist; they wanted to stand for the gospel. We had another incredible evening with lots of great conversations and interactions.

“I had two conversations that seemed like divine appointments. One was with a young woman who had been hearing the gospel from a friend and was interested in hearing more. The second was with a young man from a Hasidic home who hasn’t been in contact with his family since he became secular. He said he was one person when he was at home and another person when away from home and finally couldn’t take it anymore. He has just finished his army service. I was able to share my own story with him, about how I made a decision to follow God, and Yeshua (Jesus). I gave him a New Testament and challenged him to ask God to reveal Himself to him. I also invited him to come for Shabbat.

“For Thursday and Friday combined, we got twelve contacts, gave out about 1,000 cards, got into 120 conversations in which we shared the gospel, and handed out four New testaments and one Yeshua book.

“We also began inviting people to our Art Gallery at the Moishe Rosen Center.”

More Massah Highlights

“Jews for Jesus” written in chalk

Melissa: I’ve done many outreaches, but the one this past Shabbat positively BUZZED and almost lit up the street! The painting that Will began immediately attracted attention and conversations quickly ensued between our team and Israeli passersby. A young man named Avi said that he was an atheist but accepted a New Testament from me because he said he had met Christians when he traveled in the “Bible belt” of the USA. They gave him literature to read; he had never read the New Testament. I told him I was hesitant to give it to him since he was a confirmed atheist, but he said he would read it. I thought to myself, “Why not?” Perhaps Avi will read it; pray that he does.

Also from Melissa: “A Tale of two Doron’s”

Doron (#1) was very friendly and eager to talk about his friend’s painting abilities (the latter was busily painting a small canvas we had set up for him at our art outreach site). But it was hard to engage Doron in anything to do with spiritual matters; he was either distracted or disinterested, but he obviously had great respect for his friend as an artist! Sometimes you just have to know when to drop the subject.

However, Doron (#2) was quite willing to talk. I asked if he had ever read the New Testament and he said he had, but that he didn’t understand a lot of it. Eli was close by and I asked Doron if he would be willing to meet with him to look into the Bible, and Doron said yes. Sometimes you just have to know when not to drop the subject…

Three Massahniks at Masada

Aaron: During one of our evening outreaches, I met a man about 40 years old who was quite interested in knowing more about the gospel. He gave his contact information and expressed interest in coming to a Shabbat dinner. I also met a young woman of about 24, who was also open to hearing my story and expressed interest in our Shabbat dinners.

Tim: While out on ______ Street, I talked to a guy named Michael. He looked like he was about 25 and he was currently studying medicine in Tel Aviv. He asked what we were doing and we struck up a conversation. I told him that we were Messianic Jews—Jews who believe that Yeshua is the Messiah. When I asked what he believed he told me he was an atheist. I told him that I used to be one for a period of time also. He seemed to sort of light up as though he could relate to me. I was able to at least share a little bit with him about why I now believe what I believe.

Giselle: We had been out on the street for no more than five minutes on Friday evening when Barak and his friends came up to us. They were all home from the army for the weekend. Barak sat down on the blanket we had spread out over the street and we talked for at least 40 minutes. He was curious about the gospel but though he had received a New Testament from a friend a few years ago, he’d never opened it. We talked through the reasons Yeshua’s atonement is necessary and how impossible it is for us to keep the Law. He explained how over the last year he had chosen to stop drinking and partying because he felt it was empty. I responded by telling him I believed God was pursuing him. I got his contact information and he said he was interested in keeping in touch with us and learning more about Yeshua.

Josh Rood: Last week at our Friday evening outreach in Tel Aviv I had a good conversation with an atheist Jewish Israeli about Yeshua. At first he seemed interested in seeing if he could upset me by saying that science is the only way to know truth. I responded by saying that science is good to explain physical things, but what about the meaning of life and moral issues? He then seemed to be more curious to consider what I had to say.


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