4th of July Outreaches

Amer Olson, part of our NYC leadership team, campaigning on the 4th of July

In all, our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaigners handed out 31,425 gospel postcards on the 4th of July. As Sarah mentioned, they were well received. Our chef, Wayne, also got to hand them out. He reports, “A guy from France walked by and said, ‘Great souvenir!'”

A small delegation of our NYC campaigners went to Boston for 4th of July outreach.

Team leader Karl deSouza reports: God answers prayer! It was supposed to be a rainy day, plus the Boston Pops had more than the usual restrictions for the event due to the Boston Marathon bombings. We were unsure if we could hand out tracts on the Esplanade where the Boston Pops concert was taking place. The day proved to be clear weather — sunny and hot. We weren’t restricted as to where we could hand out broadsides at all! Praise the Lord! We had three SWC Campaigners join us (Stan Meyer, Jeremy Hoffman, and Shmuly Abramson) and also three local Boston believers (Karen Tillberg, David Chamberlain, and Joel Havian) on the team.

Met several Jewish people at Boston Pops who commented about our presence: “I’m a real Jew — a Jew not for Jesus!” said one young Jewish man with his Jewish girlfriend who was upset to see us. We had some brief conversations. Overall, we raised an image and people knew we were there. Pray that the tracts and conversations and our presence would spark further interest in the gospel.

From Stan: The Boston Police were really friendly, especially compared to NYC. Two different officers passed by me and gave a friendly smile, one even giving me a friendly punch in the shoulder. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a police officer give me an “attaboy” like that before!

Elli Marks chatting with a Hasid while waiting for the start of the parade

In Chicago, as usual, our branch was part of the Skokie 4th of July parade. Lyn Bond reports: This year we decided to split our forces; half of us went to the Skokie parade while the other half went to hand out broadsides and the new postcards at the fireworks display. Micah, Elli and I like the parade, partly because we are required with the rest of the participants to show up at the staging area an hour and a half before the parade. It makes for good conversations with some of the other Jewish people that are there with time on their hands. Elli had the chance to spar with a man from Chabad who was more bored than curious. (Lyn took a quick pic from the van as you can see) After the conversation we prayed for him.

Several of the other participants in the parade came up to the van during the staging period to thank us for what we are doing. But when it came time to start the engine of our van, the battery was dead! We prayed again. Micah was able to locate one person willing to loan us jumper cables and Elli found another to give the van the needed jump while I stayed with the van. In no time we were up and running again. On the parade route some people actually cheered as the van passed.

Alan led the rest of the team, Heather, David and Arielle, downtown to hand out literature there.

In Washington DC, Larry Dubin wanted to have several days of outreach around the 4th, from June 30 through July 5. While Larry himself was ill for much of that time, a great team of staff and volunteers came together to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue in DC. It rained for the first four days of the outreach, creating a challenge since we are not able to hand out literature inside the metro system. Nevertheless, the team did hand out more than 31,000 tracts. Please pray for God to bless the gospel seed that was sown.


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