RealTime July 2013

Israel’s Salvation
July 15, 2013
Topics: salvation

I just had the opportunity to speak at the Messiah Conference in Grantham, Pennsylvania on a topic that is dear to me. I know that many of you feel as I do about Israel so I thought I might share some of that message here with you. With Egypt and Syria in flames it is...

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Eli Birnbaum reports, “Well, it has been an incredible time so far. We had a lot of heavy touring and traveling. But we also had two more night outreaches in Tel Aviv with a lot of repeat ‘customers’ who wanted to hear more and be engaged with art...

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Moishe Rosen Center Outreach

Melissa Moskowitz, happy to exhibit some of her photos at our first public outreach from the Moishe Rosen Center The Massah team joined the branch for our first event open to the public at the Moishe Rosen Center! We used this occasion to put up an art gallery at the...

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New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign

From Campaign leader Sarah Ascher: We had an action packed first week of campaign! Here are a few highlights: The campaign began with a heat wave. Every afternoon a pair of campaigners sat in front of the branch at a free literature table offering cold, fancy-flavored...

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4th of July Outreaches

Amer Olson, part of our NYC leadership team, campaigning on the 4th of July In all, our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaigners handed out 31,425 gospel postcards on the 4th of July. As Sarah mentioned, they were well received. Our chef, Wayne, also got to hand...

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Week on Wimbledon (WOW) Outreach, June 24-29

Summary of Week on Wimbledon (WOW) outreach.

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Jewish Facts of Life

“Tikkun Olam” is a Hebrew phrase that refers to repairing our world, a concept embraced by many secular as well as religious Jewish people. Tikkun Olam is used to describe all kinds of things Jewish people do out of concern for humanity as well as our...

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In “Desperation,” Tom Doyle takes a virtual tour of Israel and her neighbors to give you critical current info on Israel and the other Middle East nations, along with a 31-day prayer plan. To get free shipping, order online by July 31, using coupon code...

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