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So much to report! Meet Blue Mosaic, our new evangelistic music team, check out the results of last month’s Sharon campaign (BYG Israel), we also report on outreaches from the World Cup, Germany, Canada, and of course, New York City. Plus, see highlights from Camp Gilgal AND learn what’s new in our multi-media department!


Blue Mosaic, our brand new evangelistic music team is currently in New York City, partnering with the Summer Witnessing Campaign.  The team’s leader is Julia Pascoe, who until now had served as a missionary in our London branch. We also have Giselle Le’Aupepe of Australia, Nathaniel Wiseman of Canada, and Mandie Greenberg of the USA. One of our team members was denied a visa from the former Soviet Union, and we need your prayers that God will intervene so that he (or a new member) will be able to join the team soon.

This group is especially dedicated to using music to present the gospel to our Jewish people! They will be presenting the work of Jews for Jesus in various churches, but are also seeking other venues—coffee houses, open mic nights, parks, festivals, street fairs, university campuses, etc.—for creative evangelism.

If you know of venues or have contacts with anyone who might help Blue Mosaic connect with such an opportunity, please post the information as a comment to this article and we will pass on the information.

Following is a preliminary list of areas where the team is seeking opportunities to minister: Brooklyn, NY; Washington, DC; North Carolina, Nashville, South Carolina, South Florida, Atlanta, Las Vegas, San Francisco,  Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Boston, return to NY. (We want to include Toronto and Montreal as well—it will depend on the whether the visas granted will permit leaving/re-entering the USA.)

PLEASE let us know if you have any leads for the team. Thank you!


The campaign ended shortly after last month’s RealTime and the results are in:
1,963 Jewish seekers gave their contact information, and seventeen Jewish people professed faith in Yeshua (Jesus) during the campaign. Ninety four Gentile seekers gave their contact information and 29 professed faith in Yeshua during the campaign. Literature handed out included 14,775 broadsides and 45,700 parking tickets” (gospel literature placed on car windshields, which is legal in Israel.) Campaigners attempted 18,622 phone calls and completed 7,616.

We hope you enjoyed last month’s BYG highlights. Click here for a few more…


Michael Sischy, leader of our work in South Africa reports, “We began our World Cup outreach a day before the games, June 10, with a sortie at the pre-cup “Shine” concert in Soweto. Then, from June 11 to July 11, we had sorties In Johannesburg, Pretoria, Soweto, Rustenberg, Durban and Pietermaritzburg!  We had a team of nine, eight of whom were Jewish believers. We handed out 50,760 broadsides, received contact information from fifteen Jewish seekers and 26 Gentiles, and we prayed with 120 people to receive Jesus. We did bannering and even painted a wall for Jesus.
Click here to see the broadside we wrote for the occasion.
Click here for world cup photos and stories.


Andrew Barron reports, “It was my privilege once again to train our summer campaign team at Moody Bible Institute June 13-26. We had twelve students along with three from Blue Mosaic, our new mobile evangelistic team. Our team handed out 36,000 broadsides and received 289 contacts – seventeen Jewish and 74 Gentile seekers. Click here for few stories and pics.


Please pray for our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign taking place right now!  We’re a bit more than half way through and now’s the time when your prayers can make a big difference. Click here to see some of what’s been happening so far.


Camp Gilgal is a big part of Jews for Jesus’ ministry to Jewish children and youth. This year is our twentieth season! From ages 8-18 years old, Jewish children and youth are coming together for camp in three parts of the country to have loads of fun and grow in their identities as Jewish followers of Messiah. This year’s junior camp Bible lessons and discussions are centered on the theme, “Let Us Press On.” For teen camp, we focused on “Setting Our Mind on Things Above.” Click here to read the full story.


Larry Dubin ordered forty thousand broadsides for an eight-day outreach in Washington, D.C., and was pleased to have to come up with more tracts. The group of six people handed out 43,325. (With an additional six people helping on the 4th of July, the group handed out nearly 16,000 that day.)

Click here for some pics.

Larry reports:

“The team was strategically placed near popular tourists sites like the White House and the museums on the National Mall. We prayed that the Lord Jesus would grant us favor with the authorities like the Secret Service/U.S. Park Police and we had no problem.”


Avi Snyder reports:

“From June 20 through July 3, the Jews for Jesus in Germany conducted our ‘Light to the Nations’ campaign in Essen, Düsseldorf and Bochum. Why that name for that particular outreach?  Because, years ago, we discovered that when we proclaim the gospel as Jews in an open and direct way, everyone takes note. And so, the deliberate hope of this outreach in Germany was that the Lord might use us not only to make an impression on the minds and hearts of our own Jewish people, but to arrest the attention of ‘post-Christian’ Germans and young Muslims, all of whom feel that they are beyond the gospel call. God was gracious indeed. By the end of the two week outreach, our team of eighteen Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers had handed out over 136,600 tracts and had gathered contact information from 48 unsaved Jewish people and 374 unsaved gentiles The campaigners prayed with one Jewish person and 23 non-Jews to receive the Lord! The campaign ended with a showing of ‘Forbidden Peace,’ [we can link to the DVD at PPP] the moving testimonies of Jewish Holocaust Survivors who came to faith in Jesus.

Click here for some brief stories and a few photos that we hope will bless and encourage you.


Karl deSouza reports, “From June 29 through July 6 we conducted an outreach in Toronto and Montreal. In Toronto we partnered with former staffer Richard Muller, who now heads New Covenant Forum (formerly the Toronto Jewish Mission). During the one week outreach we handed out 12,175 broadsides, knocked on lots of doors, made lots of phone calls and met thirteen Jewish seekers and two Gentile seekers willing to give contact information to hear more about Jesus. Click here for stories and pics.


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