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Karl in Montreal reports, Our door-to-door evangelism was memorable. I was with our volunteer Sunny when we met a young Jewish man. I asked him whether he had ever considered Jesus as his Jewish Messiah and he said that he had never thought about it and would like to get more information. Several others had slammed the door in our faces with hostile responses to our presence so this man’s desire to know more was refreshing.

“That evening when we were on our break time at a local restaurant, a young man who took our order saw our shirts and was shocked. He had thought he was the only Jew who believed in Jesus, as he had never met anyone else who ‘believed like him.’ He came from an Orthodox family but told us that ‘inside he always knew that Jesus was the Messiah.’
“We went for lunch in a very Jewish mall and spoke with a number of people who were escaping the heat. After I had spoken with a group of four elderly Jewish people, a rabbi went over to them and tried to discredit what I had said. He then left, and I saw them poring over the literature I had given them so I stopped by again and encouraged them to think for themselves. At the same time, a Filipino health aide who has several Jewish clients came over and gave us her contact information so she could have more tools for her own evangelistic efforts.

“I was phoning people at the Toronto office, and I spoke with Anne, a kind, elderly Jewish woman who asked me, ‘How can it be that Jesus is the Messiah?’ She heard the gospel from me but had to go because she had company; she told me to call back. Please pray for Anne as our missionary Laura Barron follows up with her.”
Laura reports:

“I was doing door-to-door evangelism with Karl in a Jewish neighborhood. Since it was a holiday, we were able to speak with more than fifty percent of the people whose homes we visited. We knocked on one door and a young Jewish university student answered. We shared the gospel with her and when I asked if she would like us to send her more information, she called her dad into the conversation. At first I thought he might want us to leave but it turned out that he had heard the gospel from his friends in Israel. I could tell that he knew the New Testament well, and that he believed it. He confessed that the only impediment to his making a public commitment to Yeshua was his standing in the Jewish community. Please pray for him and for his daughter.
“Our first day in Montreal was phenomenal. We had planned a visibility sortie (wearing our bold Jews for Jesus T-shirts and hoping for conversations) in a shopping center frequented by mostly Jewish people. After that, we’d planned to do some door-to-door evangelism. Our plans were pleasantly derailed by the number of Jewish people who wanted to speak with us about Jesus, so we stayed at the shopping center! I had opportunities to share my story and the gospel several times and emptied my purse of tracts. When I went to find Karl to leave, he was seated on a bench in deep discussion with a local Sephardic Orthodox rabbi who was interested in hearing how Karl believed Yeshua fulfilled Messianic prophecies. A two-hour endeavor turned into a four-hour witnessing expedition with several contacts to follow up on – PTL!”


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