RealTime July 2009

A Note from David Brickner: What You Need to Know About False Choices Regarding Evangelization
July 1, 2009

Did you hear the hubbub over newly released tapes that recorded more of the conversation between former President Richard Nixon and evangelist Billy Graham? For many, the focus was on anti-Semitic attitudes that appeared in the conversation. But the mention of Jews for Jesus in these tapes

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Jewish Facts of Life

The Encyclopedia Britannica lists 321 Great Inventions,” of which 267 are credited to one or more individuals. If you were to calculate how many of those individuals are Jewish based on the percentage of Jewish people to the world population, there would only be one half of one inventor! How many Jewish inventors were included, and for what inventions? Click here to find out. “

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'=Massahniks witnessing on the beaches of Israel

Jews For Jesus News

Download new Jews for Jesus broadsides (tracts) here, read reports and see photos from the Israel phase of Massah, as well as our campaign training in Chicago, and our witnessing campaigns currently happening in London and New York City.”

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In Other News

As part of their 20th anniversary rally at Folsom Field in Boulder Colorado July 31-August 2nd Promise Keepers will be Honoring the spiritual fathers of our faith” which means Jewish followers of Jesus. See what Promise Keepers is planning for this time.”

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Real Deals

Whether you dream of visiting Israel or have cherished memories from time spent there, we’ve got a deal on a beautiful book that might well be the next best thing to hopping a plane to the Holy Land.

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Sneak Peak

Remember, our print newsletter is packed with more good stuff that you won’t find in RealTime. Next month David Brickner will address the idea of “too much gospel proclamation.” We’ll also have an article and chart about the Sabbath in addition to our regular...

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New Broadsides

Two new broadsides

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