RealTime July 2008

A note from David Brickner: Jews for Jesus going all out for the gospel in New York City
July 1, 2008

Shalom from New York City where I am presently taking part in our annual summer witnessing campaign (SWC)! It always energizes me to be here, out on the streets, telling people about Jesus. Since our ministry’s inception in 1973, every single summer but one, we’ve campaigned to reach New York City with the gospel. No one campaign is exactly the same but they all share the following features:

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Jewish Facts of Life

Tisha B’Av begins at sundown on Saturday, August 9. The name of the holiday is the ninth of Av,” which is a date on the Jewish calendar commemorating the destruction of the Temples. Tisha B’Av is not one of the holidays God commanded; it is a traditional day of...

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Thank You For Praying

Regarding last month’s prayer requests, click here for “show and tell.” “

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Sneak Peek
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Next month our regular (print) newsletter will feature: an article by David Brickner titled, Tisha B’Av: Why Are Some Jews Mourning This Month?”; “Tisha B’Av the Saddest Day on the Jewish Calendar”, by Rich Robinson; “What the Destruction of...

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New York Sunmmer Witnessing Campaign

(More photos to come with next month’s report) Campaign leader Shaun Buchhalter and his “second,” Sara Friedman Campaigners and stewards in front of our New York Center Here’s what our broadside tracts look like before they go into the bags And...

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