Jews in New York City

Simon Says… Everyone into the Pool!”

Until recent years, the Catskill Mountains north of New York City were a summer haven for Jews from all over the New York area. Some of us who grew up in New York have fond memories of spending summers in those hotels or Jewish summer camps… back when playing “Simon Says” was considered cool! For a tour down memory lane or a first-time look, visit the website of the Catskills Institute.

Scroll down the page to the Catskills Book Corner for excerpts of short stories and poems about the Catskills. Stop into the Photo Gallery, and then explore the many other links on the page. Summer will never be the same.

Offline and Online Tours

If you’ll be in New York, why not take a walking tour of the city’s Jewish history? Check out a list of available tours.

Options range from a tour of Yiddish theaters, to the Jewish heritage of Washington Square and Greenwich Village, to the whimsically named “Wine, Matzoh and Chocolate Menorahs — A Child’s View of the Jewish Lower East Side.”

Or, if you’re not going to be in New York, try this online tour, complete with interactive map.

“I’ll Have the Chicken Chow Mein”

We always knew that Jewish people in America loved Chinese food, but we never saw an explanation as to why until we found this website:

‘Safe Treyf’: New York Jews and Chinese Food by Gaye Tuchman and Harry G. Levine

It’s a long article, so brew yourself a cup or two of green tea before settling in to read.

Too busy to read that much? Try our own articles here:

Did You Know… About the Chinese-Jewish Connection?

Meet Oded and Bimini Cohen
The only Israeli-Chinese couple on the staff of Jews for Jesus!


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