RealTime July 2006

Letter From David Brickner
July 1, 2006

Dear Jews for Jesus Family,

Many of you have been praying for the successful resolution of the legal case involving the use of our name, Jews for Jesus,” by a blogger on the site

Well, I’m happy to inform you of the voluntary resolution of this matter, with the result being that we are no longer part of a legal action and we will now be able to use that site ourselves. Praise the Lord.

We were approached by someone calling himself Whistleblower, who started the blog in our name and up until now was unwilling to give us back our own name. He has since had a change of heart and that blogger site will be handled by us, in accordance with the regular terms of service.

This voluntary resolution of the dispute is a good thing and we are looking forward to blogging under our own name.

Sincerely yours in our Messiah,

David Brickner Executive Director Jews for Jesus

And now . . .

I am writing to you from New York, where our missionaries from around the world have gathered for our final Behold Your God campaign–actually nine simultaneous evangelistic campaigns–throughout the greater New York metropolitan area.

The campaign began with a bang as the New York Times approached us at the outset for a story. They published their article on July 4. I think it was the fairest secular news story about Jews for Jesus in our 33-year history–and from the New York Times! If you go online you can see the article AND a four-minute video that the New York Times produced from footage of our missionaries on the street. That story set off a reaction of media”

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Because this is RealTime we would be remiss if we did not ask you to join us in praying for the situation in Israel RIGHT NOW. We know that many of you are committed to praying for the peace of Jerusalem. We thought you would want to know that we have several Israelis serving with us this summer (one of our nine campaigns is to reach the Israeli community here in New York. To see photos of some of our Israeli team go here. Many of these young people have served in the military fairly recently and one team member has a brother now currently serving. We told them that some 80,000 of our readers would be receiving RealTime today and asked if they had any prayer requests to share with you. Here is what they said”

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Jews in New York City

Since we’re right in the middle of an evangelism campaign in the greater New York area, we got to thinking about how Jewish people have always played a large part in the history of New York City. There’s no shortage of books and articles on that subject. So we sent our Special Internet Investigator (aka Rich Robinson) to locate some resources you might not otherwise find, just so you could learn more about this fascinating part of American history and culture.

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Did You Know?

1. Jews for Jesus had an outreach at the World Cup Games in Germany.

2. It’s not that hard to see photos, read reflections and get the haps” (happenings from our BYG campaign in New York) “

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Jews For Jesus Family News

Tikvah Abigail: Thanks to those of you who prayed for Tikvah’s first surgery for her cleft lip and palette. All went well. The next surgery will be scheduled when her teeth begin coming in. Thanks also to those who have been praying for Jews for Jesus founder...

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Sneak Peek
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In the August Newsletter look for

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