The two-week Marseilles campaign enabled us to hand out 318,000 broadsides, and receive names of 354 unbelieving Jewish contacts willing to hear more, as well as 322 unbelieving Gentile contacts. Two Jewish people made professions of faith in Christ as well as 13 Gentiles. Thanks for upholding this campaign in your prayers. The only Muslim-related violence to report was a rock thrown at one of our vans. Visit our website for more about the Marseilles campaign.

The New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign is still going on. Thus far campaigners have handed out 317,860 broadside tracts. Fifty-four unbelieving Jewish people and 233 unbelieving Gentiles have given their contact information to hear more. One Jewish person and 18 Gentiles have prayed to receive Christ. Visit our website for more details on the New York campaign.