A War of Wedges

You know that Jews for Jesus has opposition but did you know they are clever enough to try to drive a wedge between us and those who would be most likely to stand with us—our brothers and sisters in Yeshua (Jesus)? They know we can’t do the work of evangelism without you. I’m not talking only about financial support, I’m talking about the way you let us encourage you to witness to your Jewish friends, the way you let us talk to your Jewish friends when opportunities arise. I want to give you three examples of the kind of wedges I’m talking about, but we want to keep all our Real Time articles brief, so this month I’ll just give you one:

A Wedge between Jews for Jesus and the Local Church This month, the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) sent letters to at least 300 and perhaps 1,000 evangelical churches in the greater Toronto area, accusing Jews for Jesus of shameless and dishonest practices.” The CJC calls on these churches to stand with them to oppose our efforts. It is no coincidence that the CJC letter came as we are making final preparations for our Behold Your God Toronto witnessing campaign, which takes place August 25-September 14. **For more on Toronto BYG go to

While our friends know these charges to be unfounded, no doubt many churches who do not know us well will be confused by the letter from the CJC. They don’t know of our commitment to ethical evangelism and loving witness. They might well believe such accusations and withhold friendship and support from Jews for Jesus.

On the upside, we have always found that “every knock is a boost,” and while our opposition intends to hold back the gospel from the Jewish community, God can use their efforts to accomplish exactly the opposite. Sometimes He does this by giving us media exposure. Example: *The Toronto Star* interviewed me as well as Andrew Barron (director of our Canadian work) for their Ethics column as a result of all this. The article was printed in the July 10 edition, and ended with Andrew’s quote: “The most Jewish thing you can do is believe in Jesus.” To see the article, “Jewish community target for conversion,” go to:

Sometimes God uses our opposition’s efforts to give us ideas. For instance, if the Canadian Jewish Congress felt it was their place to write to all the area churches, perhaps we should send a letter of our own to all the synagogues.

What Can You Do?

1. Pray that wedge-driving opposition won’t thwart our gospel proclamation, and that God will grant discernment to church leaders and individual believers concerning these tactics. Pray that God will use the controversy to grab people’s attention, and that He will give me wisdom as to how I should respond.

2. Be a truth-teller. Tell your pastor, your Christian friends about these issues. Look for opportunities to tell your unbelieving Jewish friends about Jesus. Send us their email or snail mail address and we will share the gospel with them. (We won’t mention your name unless you want us to.)

3. Be a supporter. Here are some ways for you to partner with us:

*If your church has never had a speaker from Jews for Jesus you can introduce us to your pastor or church leaders so that we can make new friends. Click here:

*If you haven’t given a gift to Jews for Jesus recently, now would be an especially good time. Click here:

*Consider sending us names and snail mail addresses of Christian friends who might be interested in supporting us as well. Click here:

We are in a battle, but the good news is, we know who wins in the end. Aren’t you glad that together, we are on His side?

Shalom in His Grace,

David Brickner”


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David Brickner is executive director of Jews for Jesus. David oversees the world-wide ministry from its headquarters in San Francisco. David received his Master’s degree in Missiology with a concentration in Jewish Evangelism and Judaic Studies from the Fuller School of World Mission. He has authored several books, and has been interviewed on national television shows such as Larry King Live. David’s daughter, Ilana is a recent graduate of Biola. His son, Isaac is on the missionary staff of Jews for Jesus. Isaac and his wife, Shaina, have one daughter, Nora, which makes David part of the grandparent club, a membership he is very proud of. See more here.

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