RealTime July 2003

A War of Wedges
July 1, 2003

You know that Jews for Jesus has opposition but did you know they are clever enough to try to drive a wedge between us and those who would be most likely to stand with us—our brothers and sisters in Yeshua (Jesus)? They know we can’t do the work of evangelism...

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Newsflash: New York City Witnessing Campaign

Sometimes less is more… We hoped for 24 full-time campaigners for our 2003 New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign—got 17, but what a great crew! They’re really cranking! Fourteen days into the campaign, as of lunchtime, Monday, July 14, they’ve handed...

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Newsflash: Behold Your God London Campaign

As of Tuesday night, July 15, (10 days into the campaign), they’ve handed out 155,895 broadside tracts and have gotten the names of 45 unbelieving Jews and 66 Gentiles willing to hear more about Jesus. Two Jewish people and eight Gentiles have prayed to receive...

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Learn More About Jewish People

Why not start with Judaism 101,” located at It’s organized in a user-friendly format by topic and by Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Sample topics include “Movements of Judaism” (Basic) and “A List of the...

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New Messianic Jewish Calendar celebrates Jews for Jesus 30th anniversary
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The Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) is just two months away. Our unique pictorial calendar celebrates 30 years of Jewish evangelism, gives the dates of all the major Jewish (and many non- Jewish) holidays and more! For more information, go to our Purple Pomegranate...

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