Jewish and Arab congregations asked us to join them for a gospel outreach

Oded Cohen with members of the participating congregations

Jews for Jesus Israel director Dan Sered reports, “Every December there’s a four-day festival in Haifa–every Saturday, all day, to bring Jews and Christians together as they celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. It’s called ‘Chag HaChagim’ (Festival of the Festivals). This year, two congregations, one mostly Jewish believers in Jesus and the other mostly Arab believers, decided to reach out and share Jesus at the festival. They reserved a booth, and knowing that Jews for Jesus has done this type of ministry, they called to ask us to join them.

“It was such a joy that these congregations united to reach people for Yeshua. And it was an honor to help with training as well as with manning the booth. But here is how God works. They named their outreach: ‘There is hope in Israel.’ That’s also the title of our Hebrew version of ‘Future Hope,’ David Brickner’s evangelistic book about the end times!  So we ‘just happened’ to have extra copies of this book to share with our brothers and sisters for this outreach. 

Oded Cohen interacting with
someone from the crowd

Avigail Rantanen reports, “I felt so much joy to share my faith with so many Jews and Arabs at Chag HaChagim. One woman, Anat,* said she has heard about Jesus from many other believers and that she, too, believes in Him.  She then explained that she also believes in reincarnation. After I shared my faith with her, she realized that her ideas are not biblical. She took many books from us, including the New Testament. I gave her the address of a local Messianic congregation and she said she would like to go and hear their Bible teaching.”

Oded Cohen reports, “There were lots of opportunities to interact with people at the Haifa outreach, but I especially liked talking with a whole family–husband, wife and two teenage kids. After I explained what we believe, the daughter asked: ‘So, what is the difference between you and the Christians, or aren’t you then Christians?’ (In Israel, when people say Christian they mean non-Jew.) Before I had the chance to answer the younger boy jumped in and said, ‘But Jesus was Jewish!’ I complimented him on a great answer and I got to witness to them a little more. They seemed quite interested and took a few books to read.”

* not her real name


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