Disrupted in a good way

One young Jewish man (pictured above with his camera, next to Natasha)
came to Kiev from Moscow specially to see the Maidan.

Offering unexpected challenges to the status quo in ways that interest and engage others can disrupt people in a good way… that’s what Jesus did.  And that’s what we’re doing in Kiev, amidst the political unrest.

Another Jewish man was happy
to receive the hot chocolate
and also very open to talk about God

It is clear that the people of Ukraine, and particularly the younger people, are dissatisfied with the government and seeking a better way of life. Even as they are seeking to disrupt the status quo of the government, the Lord is seeking to disrupt the status quo of their souls… in a good way!

From Kiev, Olga Emma reports, “As you already know, there is tremendous unrest in Ukraine and in the capital, Kiev. The wave of protests has been taking place on ‘the Maiden’ (short for Kiev’s central Independence Square, the Maidan Nezalezhnosti) in Kiev for over a month. What can believers do on Maidan? Preach Yeshua ha Maschiach (Jesus the Messiah) to the large crowds. The Maidan is an evangelist’s dream, as crowds of people are gathered looking to talk to one another about life issues. God opens hearts. People are tired of despair and need the Comforter and Savior. Many other ministers of various denominations are also coming to share the gospel. Please pray that God will save many people here in Kiev.”

Natasha Krouter adds, “The atmosphere of the Maidan has been friendly and peaceful. There are a lot of people from many cities, towns and villages of Ukraine, who are not in a hurry and are open to talk and listen… about Jesus!

"What a great place for evangelism! We’re having lots of conversations with different people. One young Jewish man came to Kiev from Moscow specially to see the Maidan. He was surprised when he saw our ‘Jews for Jesus’ logo, and asked to take pictures. He didn’t give me his contact info, but he took tracts as well as contact information for our Moscow branch. Please pray he will get in touch with our missionaries there.

“Another Jewish man was happy to receive the hot chocolate and also very open to talk about God. Please pray for our follow up with Aleksander, who did give his full contact information.”


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