RealTime January 2011

A NOTE FROM DAVID BRICKNER: Happy New Year to the Trees!
January 1, 2011

I know that the 2011 New Year’s celebration is already a few weeks old by now but this week on the Jewish calendar, we actually celebrate another entirely different New Year … this time for trees. Really! This New Year” is a minor Jewish festival known as Tu B’shevat, meaning the fifteenth day of the…

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Jews for Jesus News

Find out what’s up with Blue Mosaic, Jews for Jesus’ mobile evangelistic music team, hear about our winter outreaches and more! Blue Mosaic Last July we introduced you to Blue Mosaic, our new mobile evangelistic music team, as they began their time together as part of our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign. The team…

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Tu B'Shevat

Jewish Facts of Life

January 20 is Tu B’Shevat. Read some related articles and explore appropriate recipes here.

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Download broadsides for Valentine’s Day and the Superbowl. Watch new Journeys of Faith stories in HD.

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Real Deals

Curl up with a collection of Jews for Jesus story booklets — eight, count ’em eight — for 20% off the already discounted price of $30! These journeys of faith will inspire you, and they are easy to pass on to unbelieving friends. To receive the discount you must order online by January 31 and…

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