RealTime January 2007

A Note from the Executive Director: Phoning For Jesus
January 1, 2007

It was an experiment. A few weeks ago, our Tel Aviv staff came together for four straight days and did nothing but phone Israelis, seeking to engage them in conversations about Yeshua. In those four days, our missionaries called over 8,000 homes and spoke to more than 3,000 people. Four hundred and seventeen individuals accepted…

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Israel Phone Campaign

Tel Aviv Branch Leader Dan Sered comments on lessons learned from the phoning campaign:

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Jewish Facts Of Life

Just about 353 years ago . . . It was January 26, 1654 when some 150 Jewish families fled Brazil seeking refuge from religious persecution. The group was intercepted by Spanish ships and had to land in Jamaica. From there a smaller group of 23 Jewish people joined with a group of Dutch Calvinists on…

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Did You Know?

WE’VE GOT AN OUTREACH PLANNED FOR SUPER BOWL SUNDAY IN MIAMI. Greg Savitt, leader of our new Miami outpost, assures us that from January 29 through the big game on Sunday, February 4, Miami will be a zoo.” He says, “We look forward to lifting up the name of Jesus as we hand out a…

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Jews for Jesus Family News

Beautiful Brooklyn is now home to branch leader Karol Joseph and to Jhan and Melissa Moskowitz, our North American director and Brooklyn college-age ministry coordinator. Karol and the Moskowitzes have moved into an apartment/house respectively, and are within walking distance (a mile) of one another. Thank you for your prayers concerning their move. The Moskowitzes…

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Real Deals

50% off?! YUP this IS a real deal: All six volumes of The Zion Covenant Series,” by Bodie Thoene are available As A Set for $36. (Normal price is $72; our price beats even the used bargain price on Amazon.) However, we only have 14 sets in stock (volumes will NOT be sold separately) so…

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Sneak Peek
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Our regular (snail mail) Newsletter in February will feature: a lead article by David Brickner titled, Help Me Understand, Please!”; “Be Equally Yoked,” by Lynn McCoy; “Ministry Minded Matches,” by Ruth Rosen; Prayer Prompters; Moishe’s Musings on Galatians 3:28; Bits from the Branches in Washington, D.C., New York, Fort Lauderdale, Tel Aviv and Moscow.”

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