RealTime January 2005

A Difficult Decision
January 1, 2005

This month I postponed the Miami Behold Your God campaign that was scheduled to begin in just a few weeks. It was a difficult decision and I want to explain it to you, because it involves a principle that goes beyond a single evangelistic campaign. We have set...

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Rose Bowl Outreach

The Rose Bowl float-viewing, parade and game offer our staff and volunteers in Los Angeles a huge opportunity to start the New Year with an evangelistic bang.” This year, four sorties (tract-passing expeditions) in three days enabled us to hand out 53,100...

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Project Joshua: Jewish College Students Who Love Jesus had a Great Time in Israel!
Author: David Garrett

For photos go here. David Garrett reports, “From December 26 through January 10, 19 Jewish college students who love Jesus came from campuses across the United States to participate in a program called Project Joshua. The program gave them the opportunity to...

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A Messianic Jewish Look at Tragedy

The recent tsunamis have many people asking age-old questions about how a good and all-powerful God could allow such suffering. While we do not have any material that has been written to address the tsunami crisis specifically, we have written about the issues of...

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The History of Jewish Missions is Becoming Available Online… Volunteers Needed!

As society moves more and more into the digital age, so does the history of Jewish missions! Jews for Jesus staffer Rich Robinson has been overseeing an effort called the Digital Jewish Missions History Project, an online digital library of primary source materials...

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