Pray for Ukraine!

A year ago we posted several prayer requests and updates as our Kiev staff was boldly bringing the gospel to Maidan, offering tea, hot chocolate and gospel tracts in a place that had been spattered with blood. (Above, JFJ missionary Leonid Krouter, pictured right, witnessing in Maidan.) A year later, there is still no peace in Ukraine, people still need prayer urgently, and not only to avoid being caught in the crossfire, but to have the peace that only Jesus can bring.

Anatoly (Tolik) Emma, who leads our Kiev branch says, “Some might talk about recent acts of terrorism in Odessa, Kharkov, Mariupil and Donetsk but we don’t call these acts of terrorism. Why? Because in the east, our country is involved in full-fledged war including tanks, rockets, cannons, and all kinds of heavy military equipment.

“The Kiev branch of Jews for Jesus continues our work as before. We have almost 200 different broadsides (gospel tracts) that we still hand out in public places, as well as continuing one-on-one visits to study with people who are willing to hear why we believe Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.

“In addition, we do what we can to offer help in Jesus’ name.
In the beginning a group friends, including some of our Jews for Jesus staff, helped Pastor Peter and his orphanage, where he received refugees and helped people flee the war zone. Then Pastor Peter found sponsors from the US, and I decided to switch our help to the Kievan Rus batallion, a voluntary unit that receives no funding from the state. We helped buy radios, warm clothes and special boots for the soldiers. This unit fought in some of the hottest spots, some guys were killed there. Now that the unit has returned to Kiev for training, we are helping Pastor Sergey with our donations. He organizes refugee camps, brings food to places that are being shot and bombed, all while preaching Christ.”

Let’s remember these brothers and sisters, and pray for God to take the ugly situation in Ukraine, and bring many who hunger for peace into His glorious kingdom.


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