Ira reports from the Kiev branch of Jews for Jesus: “Yesterday I mentioned the gang members police had recruited for the conflict that seemed contained in downtown Kiev. Now the police have brought busloads to every district, and dozens of them are walking in almost every street of the city. They break and destroy everything they see – shops, cars, etc., and attack lone walkers.

“As I was returning from our field hospital* I was shocked to see a gang of them right next to my own building. Praise God, a friend who was driving his van behind me followed my car, and made sure I got into my house without any trouble.

“Please pray for everyone’s safety, everywhere in the city! Many residents are organizing teams to protect their homes and property. Please pray for God to use us to reach people, that they will see their need for Him.

“*I’ve been coordinating a little field hospital in my district, after several hundred people were shot today, and 60 confirmed killed. Please pray for wisdom and for all the logistics.”

(Photo credit: Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)