Reaching Israelis in India

This month at the Moishe Rosen Center in Israel: our outreach team is planning a reunion with seekers we have met in India through our Massah program. We’re very excited about “India Night” at the MRC because it’s a great way to follow up with people now that they are home from their travels. The above photo by Shoshana Birnbaum will be part of a gallery we’ll be hosting, including the art of four Massah team members as well as four artists who don’t know Jesus that we met during Massah. The first night will feature talks by some of the artists, as well as by Eli Birnbaum who heads up our outreach at the MRC. The second night will include worship music and a “welcoming Shabbat” service. Please pray many seekers will come, experience God’s presence, and be open to Yeshua. Pray for us and we will keep you posted on how things go!