Presidential Inauguration Outreach

Here’s Ed, one of our trusty volunteers…
and Elisheva R, from our New York branch.
Crowds of pedestrians crossed with each green light…
…as staff and volunteers greeted them with the gospel.

Giselle, an intern from our Sydney branch, was spending time with our NY branch and joined in the event.

Stephen returns-Here’s our DC branch leader Stephen Katz, back at the office at the end of the day, tired but very, very happy.

What an amazing experience to have so many people join us to lift the name of Jesus! Included were friends from four local churches and one seminary. We give glory to God, but also a commendation to missionaries Larry Dubin and Stephen Katz who worked long and hard to plan this event.

We prayed for God’s favor regarding authorities. Larry Dubin brought down 15,000 extra tracts in suitcases to replenish us in the middle of the day, and as he circulated in and out with his suitcases, he was not stopped or searched once! In fact, none of our group was searched anywhere. We thank God for His favor.

Speaking of replenishing tracts, Karol (leader of our Brooklyn branch) was disappointed as she left the office in the morning with only 1,000 broadsides. She knew she’d be done before the first sortie (tract-passing expedition) ended and thought there wouldn’t be an opportunity to get more tracts. When she had only around 10 left, a volunteer (Derek) showed up with a bag of another 1,000. They finished handing those out just in time to take a break during the lull between the ceremony and the parade. The lull ended and Larry arrived with close to 10,000 more and Karol was once again supplied!

Arielle Parkas said it was great how the tracts kept coming (for resupply). Every time a team was about to run out, another person (often a volunteer) came with more tracts! By the way, at the end of the day Arielle had 55 rubber bands on her wrist to show her efforts!

We were able to replenish tracts throughout the day with no downtown base of operations for restocking or taking breaks. We used a chain restaurant that has lots of space and they allowed us freedom to stay, rest and plan between sorties. There were bathrooms there with only fifteen-minute waiting lines.

At one point, Larry Stamm (one of our missionaries who came in from New York), was looking for some volunteers who had wandered off. He saw a guy reading a broadside and, hoping for a clue to locate the volunteers, asked where he got it. The man said, “Oh there’s a lot right here on the ground. That’s where I got mine. You want one?” Larry was impressed that people were engaging the Word of God from the ground. it was literally seed sown!

Many people took the broadsides as souvenirs. During our “day-after sortie” Elisheva R (also from our New York branch) was told, “We got them yesterday for our scrapbooks.” One person said, “I love this. I’m bringing this back to my minister.”

Our volunteers had a great time. One commented, “I gave out all of my tracts except for one that I kept for a souvenir. Following your guidance, I kept the rubber bands binding the tracts around my wrist…seven rubber bands in all.

I didn’t dwell on the two or three people who had negative comments, as my response was to smile and accept their rebukes, which were painless to me. However, there were many people who stopped, and hugged me for remembering the Lord on this historic day.”

It struck Liz that there was the same amount of daylight when we left as there had been when we arrived. It was dim, pre-dawn light when we arrived and it was dusk when we left twelve hours later. Beautiful symmetry.

At the end of the day, charter buses lined up along the street where our office is located. Lynn McCoy (one of our D.C. missionaries) was the first to return with her team, at 5pm. There was a knock on the door and two young guys came in to ask about us. One was Jewish and Lynn was able to give him a story book.”


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