Pray for Jerusalem this Christmas

Yoel and Adel Ben David from our Tel Aviv branch have worked hard to get our “Multitudes” paintings displayed throughout Israel. This series of twenty paintings by artist Steffi Geiser Rubin illustrates the Jewish context and identity of the Messiah, as described in the Gospel of Matthew.

“Multitudes” is now on display in Jerusalem. The chosen venue is known to draw thousands of Israelis on Christmas day, which will be the main event of the showing.

Yoel says, “Israelis of all stripes are curious. They hear about Christmas and Christianity from traditional Jewish sources, and most of what they hear is negative. However, when they watch films or if they travel abroad, Christmas looks fun! Different! So tons of Israelis pile into Christian venues each December to experience something different. Our ‘Multitudes’ paintings are showing at a particularly popular destination that Israelis visit at Christmas.

“Will you please pray for the people who are interested in Christmas not only to look at the traditions, but to find out why there’s all this fuss about one Jewish baby? Please also pray that the cool weather will keep the security situation cool, so that no obstacles will keep people from encountering this Jewish presentation of the most famous Jew.”

Jerusalem is a very different city from Tel Aviv, where we last displayed the “Mulititudes” art show. There’s a reason the Bible tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Please pray for many Israelis to be moved by the art and to begin to understand that Jesus is the Messiah and the Prince of Peace.

Did you miss our story on the “Multitudes” showing in Tel Aviv? Check it out.


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