Continuing the Jewish Jesus Conversation in Sydney

Rahel, one of our Sydney missionaries, met three Israeli couples in one sortie*, and two gave her their contact info to continue the conversation. During the same sortie, a Jewish woman from Russia stopped to talk with Rahel. At first she was hesitant, but as the conversation progressed, she decided she wanted to meet with Rahel to study the Bible. Rahel says, “She told me she’d planned to walk a different route, but ‘something’ made her come my way. Before leaving she said she felt like God wanted us to meet.”

Sydney has a large community of Holocaust survivors, so it’s not surprising that Rahel had gospel conversations with three survivors in one day. Two wanted to continue the conversation with her at a later time: Esther (a Hebrew and Yiddish teacher) and Dvora. The third, Vera, did not give Rahel her contact information, but did promise to continue the conversation with God, and to ask Him to show whether Jesus is real and relevant to her personally.

A young Jewish man told Rahel that the title of a tract she handed him, “Christmas is a Jewish holiday,” was misleading. She asked him if he had read the New Testament to see who Jesus is and he said that he hadn’t. After finding out that the young man was a lawyer, Rahel asked if he would accuse someone in court of being misleading without examining their claims and their evidence. He thought for a moment, said he enjoyed the chat and left. Hopefully he will continue the conversation with God.

Tom, a Jewish student, prayed with Mark (one of our Sydney staff and this year’s campaign leader) and Rahel to receive the Lord a few years back. He’s handed out literature with us before, but during this campaign Rahel encouraged him to initiate conversations—and he did! During his last sortie, two Jewish people Tom spoke with—one a believer in Jesus and the other not—gave him their contact information so we could continue the conversation. What a blessing to watch people we’ve ministered to as they minister to others!

Volunteer Aviva was at the Psalm reading table when she met a young Asian woman who was ready to hear the gospel and pray to receive the Lord. Then it started to rain so the team thought about packing up to leave, but instead they decided to move the table under cover. Immediately a young man from India sat down, heard the gospel and prayed with Aviva to receive the Lord.

Leah, whose father was Jewish and mother Catholic, stopped to talk with volunteer Paula but warned that her husband (also Jewish) would be picking her up soon and she didn’t want him to see her talking with a Jew for Jesus. Yet the conversation lasted long enough for her to hear and believe the gospel, to pray to receive Jesus as her Messiah, and to give Paula her contact info to continue the conversation. As soon as she had, her husband pulled up to pick her up—the end of a divine encounter.

All together, 54 Jewish people and 69 gentiles gave us their contact information to continue the conversation about Jesus. Many more heard the gospel. Eleven people, including two who are Jewish, prayed to receive the Lord. Thank you for your continued prayer and support as we carry on conversations about Messiah with our Jewish people in Sydney.

*a sortie is a Jews for Jesus tract-passing expedition


Here’s a little campaign humor:

Rahel (who is Israeli) says, “At the end of a sortie with Glenn and Aviva (who’s also Israeli), Glenn said, ‘I want to take a selfie with two Israelis.’ Aviva and I immediately asked, ‘Where? Where are the Israelis?’ since we were eager to speak with them. He meant the two of us!”

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