Cape Town Campaign: It’s Summer in South Africa!

Susan Mendelson reports: “Prior to the start of campaign, we were at one of the malls in Cape Town and had some interactions with our Jewish people. We stopped in to a pharmacy, where we were helped by a man named Steve. He heard my New York accent and asked about our being in town. I explained a bit about why we were there and asked him about his own background. Steve is Jewish and was pleasant as we interacted about the topic. Please pray that Steve will continue to be stirred by what we spoke about and that we’ll be able to speak with him again during our time here.

“We then got chatting about spiritual things with Lori, a young Jewish woman, in a specialty coffee store. She was fascinated by the concept of being Jewish and believing in Jesus. When I suggested connecting, she was reluctant. But she was willing to take my business card. Please pray that Lori will be prompted to talk more about Jesus and reach out to us.

“We also had a conversation with a Jewish woman named Jeannine. She had enough interest, as we discussed being Jewish and believing in Jesus that she gave us her phone number! Please pray that as we reach out to Jeannine, she will be open to Jesus as her Jewish Messiah!”

JFJ campaigners pray at the synagogue.

Iris Adler reports: “Before the launch of campaign, we prayed in strategic spots near the water in Cape Town, where many Jewish people live year round, as well as vacation during the current summer months. The second spot we went to was near one of the largest synagogues in the area. We walked past it, toward a side entrance, and prayed over it, over the campaign, and over the greater Jewish community here. As we prayed, a Jewish man, Adi, came by and asked what we were doing. He was curious, but also alarmed, as a group of people at night near the shul seemed potentially suspicious. We assured him we were praying for peace and we were there as Jews for Jesus to bless the community. He was not hostile to us and was even grateful for our interest in peace. Several Jewish women were peering at us from a nearby roof deck. Please pray that as the Jewish community here starts to see us around town, they would be challenged to accept the peace of Jesus into their hearts!”


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