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What’s a QR-Code?

A QR-Code is a bar code that people can scan with their smart phones to go directly to a predetermined online web page.  Here is an example of a QR-code that goes to our Pointers on Witnessing to Jewish People Mobile App/Website.

We are considering utilizing these bar codes in several ways, placing them in newspaper and magazine ads, broadsides, business cards, event flyers and banners,  T-shirts with words “scan me,” printing on billboards in subways, distributing on coffee sleeves (java jackets), and in our publications.  This would encourage instant feedback, comments on articles, as well as help us conduct surveys or make quick links to related articles available to mobile phones.

“Kosher Joe”

“The latest episode of “Do you believe in Chrismukkah” has had over 7,600 views as of December 15 in just four weeks and lots of feedback and comments.  We have had over 100 conversations with Jewish people as a result of this episode.  Please pray for future episodes that God would use them to get people thinking about who Jesus is and enter into dialogue with our online evangelistic community.  If you haven’t seen the episode watch it now and subscribe to upcoming episode releases on Facebook!”

Links for Russian speakers

We hope you read David Brickner’s article “Operation Light in the Darkness” about our work in Russia and Ukraine. If you are interested in Russian language web content but didn’t want to click away from David’s article, here are the links to get to the website, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Jews for Jesus in Russian:
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Thank You for Praying


We mentioned that Thanksgiving would be a day of outreach for our New York staff and volunteers. Thank you for praying!  We had ten Jews for Jesus staff and ten volunteers to greet parade goers and shoppers on Thanksgiving Day. The group was divided into four teams and each team had two teens. Of course those who were on 34th street (where Macy’s is located) had the busiest time, and needed extra tracts.  But even in those places where fewer people took our broadsides, it was good to be out and showing the world that we are thankful for Jesus and what He’s done for us.

After handing out 13,450 broadsides the group came back to our center and were joined for 30 more people. Everyone enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal together. Meanwhile on the other coast, Rob Wertheim was encouraged to report on December 2, “Our Christmas Evangelism Push is in full swing and the day began with a MUNI (San Francisco’s underground/bus systerm) rush hour sortie.  Three people from headquarters joined me and we handed out over 2,400 broadsides.

“Following this, I went to the City College of San Francisco to hand out more tracts.  It’s always a joy to go back there having won the case which gave us the freedom to hand out gospel literature whenever and wherever we choose.  While there, I met a Jewish man named Stan.  Some of his family members are believers and have shared the gospel.  He told me that when he used to see Jews for Jesus, he dismissed us as not being Jewish. Now, he realizes that there can be Jews that believe in Jesus.  He’s open to meeting with me and we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses.

“After the two sorties I happened to stop at the supermarket and overheard an elderly couple commented about my Jews for Jesus sweatshirt. I began chatting with them and the husband, Micky, and I exchanged phone numbers after I asked if we could meet. Please pray for this couple as well as for Stan’s salvation.”


Click here for a few photos from Hanukkah outreaches at our Washington D.C. and Phoenix branches! 


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