RealTime December 2009

Jewish Facts of Life
December 1, 2009

How do Jewish people who don’t know Jesus feel about Christmas? It’s inadvisable to over-generalize, but safe to say that for many Jewish people, December presents a dilemma. Everywhere one looks, there are glittering reminders of someone else’s holiday.” Even though many of the festivities have little or nothing to do with the birth of…

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Jews for Jesus News

So much has been happening since last month’s RealTime, with lots more on the horizon. Find out the haps (including Moishe Rosen’s recent book launch) as well as how you can pray for what’s going on between now and next month’s RealTime.

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Seasonal Broadsides

Seasonal Broadsides Hanukkah On Hanukkah Don’t Forget to Remember Print : Read Christmas Christmas is a Jewish Holiday Print : Read Christmas The December Dilemma! Print : Read Christmas Peace on Earth Good Will Toward Men? Print : Read Christmas What Kind of Christmas Presence Will You Get This Year? Print : Read   Messiahmas…

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Book Launch! Jews and the Gospel at the end of History: A Tribute to Moishe Rosen
Author: Susan Perlman

On December 8, Susan Perlman hosted a special gathering on behalf of Jews for Jesus in celebration of the new book, Jews and the Gospel at the end of History: A Tribute to Moishe Rosen. It was a time for some of Moishe’s friends to come and visit with him, as well as have him…

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Real Deal

Kregel Publications will be releasing this new book to the general public in January, but Jews for Jesus obtained early release copies for our friends. Buy three or more copies and we will pay the shipping!  Use coupon code “ship3free“(Please note, we cannot expedite free shipping, so we cannot guarantee that your copies will arrive…

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A NOTE FROM DAVID BRICKNER: O Little Town of Controversy

Take a tour to Israel and there is one town you’ll need to think twice about visiting. Jewish tours almost always avoid it, even though it is the birthplace of the greatest ruler in Israel’s ancient history—King David. Christians like to tour there, but it is such a hassle that many settle for a facsimile.” …”

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