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John Hagee’s controversial commercial states that Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah.

From RealTime editor Ruth Rosen: John Hagee’s new book, “In Defense of Israel,” has created quite a buzz. Much of the controversy has been generated by a commercial in which the author announces that the book will “shake Christian theology,” prove that “Jesus did not come to earth to be the Messiah” and that He “refused by word and deed to be Messiah.” In the commercial he makes statements that seem designed to alarm Christians, stating the book will show that Jesus did not present Himself as the Messiah of Israel. If you think this may be an exaggeration, you may view the commercial for yourself here.

Commercials such as these are designed to get people feeling the need to read the book and see for themselves. John Hagee has made some “clarifying statements” since the book was published, but his clarifications have still left a great deal of confusion on the issue of whether Jewish people need to trust Jesus to be saved. Whereas Pastor Hagee denies teaching “dual covenant theology” (which states that Jews can be saved outside of Jesus), his teaching “aids and abets that error,” according to Jewish Christian scholar and apologist Michael Brown.

We are glad Pastor Hagee wants people to know that hatred of Jewish people is wrong and unbiblical. However we wish that he would love Jewish people enough to state unequivocally that Jesus, the Savior of the world, is indeed the Jewish Messiah, and that there is no salvation for those who do not trust Him, whether Jew or Gentile. Unfortunately, Hagee’s ambiguous teachings and extreme statements are attached to his support of Israel in such a way that some Christians who are not inclined to care for Israel feel all the more justified in their position. John Hagee may love Israel, but his book is not good for Israel or for the Jews, in my opinion.

Michael Brown has written a response to Hagee’s new book. He has titled it, “Is there serious error in the new book, In Defense of Israel?” To read this insightful article, click here.


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