We have Christmas broadsides that you can download and reproduce to hand out this season. We only ask that you do not change or cover any of the words or illustrations. You are welcome to add your own contact information so long as you can do so without deleting any of the original copy. Click here for Christmas broadsides.

Over the years we have written many evangelistic ads that we’ve printed in the secular media. While we will not be conducting a secular media campaign this month, we thought you might like to see a couple of the “ads” we’ve done in the past. You can download them as pdfs and are welcome to use them so long as you do not change or delete any copy. Please note that these are sample copies and if you do reproduce them, it needs to be clear that we are not currently offering the books or booklets in conjunction with the ads. The two evangelistic ads are “A Great Miracle Happened There” (Hanukkah theme) and “The Only Hope for Peace was Born in the Middle East” (Christmas).