Behold Your God Las Vegas!

The University of Nevada Las Vegas turned out to be an incredible place for ministry! One day four people (not Jewish) prayed to receive the Lord there: Brian, Marita, Carlo and Mia. One of the Jewish professors was also willing to receive further information from us.

That same day, campaigners prayed with Ronald to receive the Lord at McCarran airport, which is great because for a while it looked as though it would be a battle for us to exercise free speech rights there. A security guard told one of our volunteers that the believers who work at McCarran were encouraged to see us out there, boldly telling the public about Jesus. They have been praying for us in their airport fellowship. Also at the airport: a woman walked by one of the campaigners and, noticing the Jews for Jesus tracts, muttered, This reminds me of New York City!” A Jewish man from Los Angeles took one of our tracts at the airport and seemed very open to further contact. Great that we have a branch there to follow up!

Michael is a Jewish limo driver who approached our volunteers at the airport wanting information. Michael said he believes that Jesus is the Son of God. He also believes that God has been reaching out to him. He seems well on his way to the kingdom.

Sheldon is an older Jewish man who gave his contact information. When campaign leader Tuvya called, Sheldon admitted that he wasn’t really very open-minded. However, after their conversation, Sheldon said he would receive the Q & A booklet and read it with an open mind.

We received a phone call from Bruce, a Jewish believer in Jesus from Ca±on City, Colorado. He came to sell his woodwork at the cowboy craft fair associated with the National Rodeo in town this week. He was encouraged to receive our “December Dilemma” broadside on the Las Vegas strip. He showed up the next night to pray for and encourage the campaigners there!

Our radio ad was on the Las Vegas smooth jazz station—right after a Harvey’s casino ad for their “happy hour” and “best slots in town.” Our first telephone call in response to the radio ads was from Lennie who was interested in receiving the Yeshua book. Lennie described himself as a Christian who is dating a Jewish woman. Tuvya mentioned the two seminars for Jewish-Gentile couples, and he was eager to receive the information.

Another response to our radio ad: a Jewish woman called and said she has been thinking about the fact that she does not have a spiritual root in her life and that concerns her. She wants to find out if Jesus is the way. AMEN! She gave all her contact information for follow up.

Our full-page “Think for Yourself” ad appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The phone calls poured in all day. One woman called to just rant, ending her complaint with, ” I am so mad that I am going to take your ad to our Hanukkah party tomorrow night, and I am going to show it to everybody!” Gotta love such opposition.

Pray too, for an elderly Gentile couple who saw the ad. The husband, Bill, explained that he and his wife have come to the desert to find spiritual peace at the end of their lives. The last thing they “tried” was kabalistic Judaism. Bill said it ended on a very sad note. He and his wife are open to the God of the Bible, and they thought Jews for Jesus might have the answer. Please pray that this sweet couple will find THE WAY that leads to THE LIFE ETERNAL.

Miriam Abramov was making phone calls when she connected with Connie, a Christian who is married to a Jewish man. Connie was interested to have us get in touch with her husband, and she also had an Israeli friend, Mona who turned out to be willing to hear from us. After a couple of calls from Miriam, Mona was ready to trust in Yeshua and she did—right over the phone!

Laura Barron, our campaign chaplain was also making phone calls and reached a Jewish woman named Brandi who had heard the gospel from a friend and was willing to receive prayer right over the phone. Please pray for her small faith to grow into salvation.

Chaim is an Israeli who was pleasantly surprised to learn that our team includes Israeli believers. He gave his name, address and phone number to receive for more information about Jesus.

A Jewish man named Randy called the outreach line after hearing our radio ad and said he wanted to know more about Jesus, “just like the ad offered.” Please pray for this spiritually hungry man to be filled with the bread of life.

Friends of the ministry have told us that a couple of the Las Vegas radio talk shows have listed “Jews for Jesus” as one of the potential targets for discussion or rants. That was actually encouraging, since it is an indicator of success in making the Messiahship of Yeshua an unavoidable issue to the Jewish community in Las Vegas.


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