RealTime December 2005

Peace on Earth?
December 1, 2005

As I write (actually I’m speaking into a small dictation machine) I am on the home stretch of a nine-day trip. I visited our branches in Toronto and New York and now I am in Atlanta, Georgia. I came to minister in two churches; the first was this morning and I...

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Behold Your God Update!

We have the near final” results of Behold Your God Las Vegas. As of the end of the day yesterday, campaigners handed out 46,875 broadside tracts. They collected names and addresses of 82 people who don’t yet know Jesus, 31 of them Jewish. They prayed with...

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Behold Your God Las Vegas!

The University of Nevada Las Vegas turned out to be an incredible place for ministry! One day four people (not Jewish) prayed to receive the Lord there: Brian, Marita, Carlo and Mia. One of the Jewish professors was also willing to receive further information from us....

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Topics: broadsides

Is Christianity in film adaptation a Jewish concern?” The question is posed by Joe Eskenazi, staff writer for “J” magazine. In fact, Eskenazi’s article was the cover story in last week’s edition of the magazine. He quotes one rabbi as...

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Christmas and Hanukkah on the Same Day

Christmas and Hanukkah on the Same Day Why do Hanukkah and Christmas fall on the same day this year? For an explanation, see this article. Though the two holidays do not coincide every year (in fact they rarely do), they do fall in the same approximate season of the...

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Jewish Comedian Defends Christian Right to Talk About Christmas
Topics: christmas

Jewish comedian Jackie Mason was a guest on the December 2 edition of The O’Reilly Factor, in which the war on Christmas” was discussed. In defense of freedom to celebrate Christmas, Mason was quoted as saying: “You can’t stop a rap singer from...

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Staff News

Last month we mentioned that Nici and Garrett Smith were about to have their second child. Daliya Elle Smith was born a week later, on November 22 at 6:14 am, 8 pounds, five ounces. Mother, daughter, father and brother are doing fine.

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Sneak Peek Of Next Month’s Newsletter
Topics: sneak peek

In January our regular (snail mail) Newsletter will feature: Lead article by David Brickner titled, How Many Chances?”; Prayer Prompters; an introduction to our newest Liberated Wailing Wall team; reflections on real friendship evangelism; Musings and Bits from...

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