Send a free Hanukkah card, play virtual dreidel and see more cool Jewish holiday stuff

Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication” mentioned in John 10:22, begins on Friday evening, December 19, and ends on Saturday evening, December 27. Our special web section includes articles, games, recipes, and lets you select a free Hanukkah e-card to send to Jewish friends and associates! Go online to our Hanukkah page.

For more Hanukkah fun, visit the History Channel’s site. Included are “Amazing Hanukkah Feats” which tells about the tallest menorahs in the world as well as the “The Greatest Number of Simultaneously Spinning Dreidels!”

George W. Bush isn’t Jewish, but there is a menorah-lighting ceremony held at the White House. (A video of the lighting is also offered, but the last time we tried the site, we couldn’t get it to work—you may have better success)