Team leader Giselle Le’Aupepe Bruce reports, “We arrived in Manali after a pretty rough bus ride only to discover that the place was FULL. Many big parties in nearby regions were canceled and so everyone came to Manali. More Israeli travelers than I’ve EVER seen before—the travelers were a lot younger than we usually see, and traveling in much bigger groups, too.

“Something amazing happened in Manali. You’ll never guess who we connected with there—two other groups of believers ministering to travelers! One was a bunch of YWAMers, and the other a group of Nepalese believers who’d read an article Aaron Trank wrote about backpacking ministry—and they were inspired to come to Manali to share the gospel!

“Our team settled in quickly and got the lay of the land easily. They are really natural in sharing and connecting with people.

“For example, Asher says, ‘I met Daniel* in a jewelry shop that Sarah and I were shopping in. We exchanged pleasantries and I told him I was with a group of messianic Jews. He was  curious so I said, “Let’s go to a cafe and I’ll tell you all about it.” So I took him through the gospel. And he had questions. We exchanged numbers and I gave him a New Testament. I didn’t expect to see him again but our first evening in Tosh, there we were hanging out at a cafe and in walks Daniel! He ran up and gave me a bro hug, than sat down and hung out with us. He stayed with us for several days. I sat down and read John chapter one with him. I had many opportunities to listen, ask questions, and answer his questions as best I could.’

“Alec adds, ‘Also in Manali, Dave and I met two Israelis, Sam* and Levi.* Sam (though not very religious) reacted very aggressively to our faith at first. Levi, who is an atheist, was interested. When I showed them Isaiah 9 & Jeremiah 31:31-34, Sam opened up a little. He and Levi both took Hebrew New Testaments very happily and listened intently as I told of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection; expounded on the gospel; and then put Jesus’ story in the context of the complete Biblical narrative.  Then I asked if they wanted to say a dangerous prayer: “Jesus, come find me.” Albeit somewhat jokingly, both guys said the prayer but both said they would be glad if God showed them the truth! They shared contact information with me so that we can stay in touch.’

“Our last week we spent a full week helping our friend Rajan, who owns a local cafe. We have always found working at the cafe an incredibly good opportunity to meet people and share with them. I made friends with an Israeli musician named Danya* and she asked me to play two shows with her.

“Then we transitioned from Manali, dividing the team between Kasol and  Dharamsala. Because some of the villages we pass through are so small, when you’re traveling in a group of messianic Jews, everyone knows. This afforded the team some really interesting interactions.

“Please keep us in your prayers. Our team members are starting to tire, which makes it harder to focus on the task God has given us to do. David and I were really sick for a few days, taking us out of action. Pray for God to sustain our energy in meeting people.”

*not their real names

Massah on the move…