Moscow Campaign update

What happened to Jewish seekers we met during our Moscow Witnessing Campaign? Many are coming to Jesus! Here are a few of their stories:

Elvira Meyer says, “We met Naum during the campaign and he received the Lord soon after. The second time I visited him, he had lots of questions like, ‘What am I to do with the many questions in my head? How can I know which decision is right? Why do doubts come? What does it mean to be God’s child?’ He is very open, learns quickly, and practices what he learns right away. For example, he said, ‘I told you that I was a “Doubting Thomas.” But now I’m God’s child, Jesus is my Lord, and I reject what I said about myself. I’m going to learn to think about myself as the Word says.’ He was very surprised that after just one week of knowing Jesus, God turned him upside down, and he became a new person.

“Nelly also came to faith in Jesus during a follow-up visit. We definitely need to continue reaching out to her and her husband, who is not yet a believer. Soon after coming to faith, Nelly recognized how she had been trying to control her husband and son. She repented of that and promised to ask their forgiveness. Nelly also said she would pray for their salvation every day. She has been reading the New Testament and says she wants to see changes in herself. We discussed the fact that we need to turn to the Holy Spirit for help.

“Another woman who came to faith after the campaign is Eleanor, a professor of medicine. She is so spiritually hungry that I have already visited her twice after she received the Lord. We surely need to continue to pray and minister to her.”

Victoria Negrimovskaya says, “I was calling people to offer more information about what we believe. Simeon listened and wanted to receive the literature. We talked about the fact that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and that we can only deal with the problem of sin with His help. Simeon agreed with that and said, ‘I was in Israel, and even in Jerusalem. I walked at the holy sites. Also, I read the Bible.’

“When I asked if Simeon had invited Jesus into his heart, he answered, ‘No,’ but when I asked if he would like to, he said ‘yes.’ Simeon and I prayed a sinner’s prayer. Then Simeon asked, ‘Tell me why they don’t love or recognize Jesus in Israel? They even drove me out of a synagogue when I asked about it.’ We continued to talk, and Simeon wants to continue fellowship with other believers. Please pray for him to grow in his faith.

“Lyudmila complained of loneliness and was happy to come to our Chagall event, and then to our Shabbat meeting, but she did not respond to invitations to repent and receive Jesus. Then one day the Holy Spirit touched her and she spoke to God in her own words: ‘You were alive on this earth. You died for my sins. Yes! And rose from the dead for me! I ask for forgiveness and receive You…’ After praying, Lyudmila wanted us to know that she meant what she said!

“82-year-old Yury is a widower who recently underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. He has a Christian friend who prayed for the surgery, which went very successfully. Yury and I talked for some time about sin, salvation and the Savior. Then Yury reconciled with God. We continued our conversation on a bench near his house, paying no attention to the wind, and talked about the One who is worthy. Please pray for all of these people.”


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