Budapest wrap-up

How did the Budapest witnessing campaign go, and why did they call this outreach “Life from the Dead”?

The team saw many answers to prayer during the 12-days of special outreach to Budapest. During the outreach, 4 Jewish people and 28 non-Jews made public professions of faith in Jesus. God graciously enabled our team of 25 Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers to hand out over 223,000 tracts and gather follow-up information from 477 unbelieving people. That includes 97 Jewish seekers who agreed to hear more from us about the Lord! Please pray that through our follow-up work, many “survivors” will join the “redeemed.”

This campaign, as well as others including our recent Berlin campaign, is called “Life from the Dead” for a very special reason. As Jews, we’ve made a point of going to cities where our people were persecuted and killed, simply for being Jews. We come, as Jews, to bring the gospel of peace and reconciliation—not only to Jews in these cities, but also to those who may have persecuted (or be related to others who persecuted) our people. In this way, people have the opportunity to see what God’s life giving forgiveness does when met with a repentant heart, and faith in Jesus.

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