RealTime August 2011

Germany Campaign
August 16, 2011

Paula reports, “Two men who seemed to be in their 20s asked permission to take my picture because of my T-shirt saying, ‘Juden für Jesus.’ One of them, Martin, was Jewish. I explained the gospel and Martin wanted to pray to receive Jesus. His friend...

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New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign 2011

Stewart Weinisch was following up on a contact from Summer Campaign, and when he told the man who’d answered the phone that he was from Jews for Jesus, the man cursed and yelled and then hung up. So Stewart sent him an email and asked, “Why did you give us...

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August 15, 2011

I never imagined my visit to England this month would put me smack dab in the middle of one of the greatest episodes of civil unrest in British history.  Violence and mayhem on the streets of London and other major cities throughout the country have shocked the...

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Also in this Edition

Jews for Jesus participates in ImprovEverywhere experiment.  

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Jews for Jesus News
July 17, 2011

Council News The Jews for Jesus leadership Council meets three times a year. Here are just a few highlights from our August meeting: We voted to receive five enthusiastic Jewish believers onto our staff! This is a tremendous answer to our ongoing prayers for God to...

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Real Deals

Want to be a witness for Jesus at a sporting event, picnic, or just while running errands? Then you’ll love this month’s RealDeal: our “Jesus Made Me Kosher” cap. It’s a great conversation starter! Free shipping (a $4 value) IF you order...

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