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Here is where you can pray for upcoming outreaches, including Behold Your God Israel, and see reports on outreaches you prayed for last month, including our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign.

Behold Your God Israel

Our next Behold Your God (BYG) Israel campaign is approaching. Please pray for wisdom, particularly for the campaign leadership of course, for effective evangelism and for the campaigners to be strong, courageous and healthy during BYG. Please also pray for patience, teamwork and that all who participate will really trust the Lord. 

High Holiday Services

Most of our branches will be conducting Rosh Hashanah and/or Yom Kippur services (see Jewish Facts of Life) so please pray for many Jewish seekers to come and be touched by the Good News they will hear. If you live near one of our branches, this is a terrific time to invite a Jewish friend to one of our events.

One of our branches (Sydney, Australia) will be trying something new for Rosh Hashanah: A luncheon with prayers, rather than a major evening service. (They will still have a traditional evening service for Yom Kippur) Branch leader Bob Mendelsohn says, We hope to attract many unbelievers to the luncheon.”

Click here to find out if there are Jews for Jesus High Holiday services near you!

Back to School

As classes start up at college campuses in cities where we have branches, our missionaries and volunteers will be “back to school” as well. Please pray for our campus evangelism, that we’ll meet Jewish students who will want to know more about Jesus, and Christians who will be encouraged to witness to their friends. Here are some of the campuses where we normally reach out.

Southern California: UCLA (our branch is located right across the street!), Cal State Northridge, Santa Monica College
Northern California: City College of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, San Jose State
Phoenix: Arizona State University
Chicago: University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Chicago, Loyola, DePaul, Northwestern
Washington D.C.: George Mason University, George Washington University, American University, University of Maryland at College Park
New York: New York University, Hunter College, Brooklyn College
Florida: Florida Atlantic University
Toronto: University of Toronto
Ruhr Valley of Germany: Bochum University

New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign

Ziggy Giselle Lauren and Dvora

Thanks for praying for our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign! We were just over the halfway point when we reported last month. When our campaigners finished their time in “the Big Apple” a couple of weeks later, they had handed out 394,269 broadsides, received contact information from 798 seekers (192 of whom are Jewish) and prayed with six Jews and 46 Gentiles to receive the Lord. Please pray for God to continue watering the gospel seeds, and that those who professed faith will grow in grace.

Camp Gilgal

Jews for Jesus Camp Gilgal is a big part of our Children and Youth Ministry.

During the first two weeks in August, staff and volunteers from Germany and Ukraine conducted our eighth annual Camp Gilgal for Jewish children in Germany. Camp brings the gospel to youngsters who haven’t yet received the Lord, while strengthening the faith of those who’ve already given their hearts to Yeshua. Thirty-three youngsters took part this year, and we were blessed to see our numbers grow with the addition of some new people. The first week was dedicated to young teens, from –thirteen to fifteen years old.  The second week was designed especially for a younger group of –eight to twelve-year-olds. Please pray that the lessons these youngsters learned about the Lord will bear the fruit of deeper faith for those who already believe, and the fruit of saving faith for those who are still on the way. Pray that God will continue to build up the leadership team as well, as they start planning even now for next year’s Camp Gilgal!

Meanwhile, in the U.S. we wrapped up our 20th year of Gilgal ministry with three Adventure Camps.

On the East Coast we had ten high schoolers for a canoe adventure that included a four-day, 29.5 mile exploration. One night while they were preparing dinner, a huge thunderstorm blew in. The campers responded incredibly well; they managed to get rain cover set up within five minutes and had a great time of worship and fun in the midst of a torrential downpour. As they studied the book of First Peter, a number of campers opened up about their faith and about making their relationships with God a priority.

The Midwest group had eight high schoolers backpacking about 25 miles along the cliffs lining Lake Superior, swimming in the lake and jumping off cliffs into the water. They finished their adventure by white water rafting down the Wolf River. Several of them are excited about serving as camp counselors for the younger campers next summer, or participating in Halutzim (a program that includes evangelism and discipleship in New York City). Right now we need prayer for God to raise up someone to head up the Children and Youth program in the Midwest.

In the West, we took 24 campers house-boating on Lake Shasta, and they had a lot of fun tubing, swimming and hiking. Everyone was amazed at how the theme, “This is not our home–live for your true home” kept coming up. Six campers rededicated their lives to Jesus. Please pray that all the campers and staff will remember and base their lives on what the Lord was trying to emphasize to us during camp this summer.


This was the fourth year that we brought a group of college-aged Jewish believers to Israel for orientation prior to going on to India to meet and share the gospel with Israeli trekkers. Our Messianic travelers returned to their homes late last week after a great time of fellowship and reflecting on what God did in each of their lives as they shared the gospel.

Team leader Daniel reported, “We are all safe and the debrief (discussion of how things went and what people learned) went very well. It was a great time of fellowship and reflection on what God did in each one of our lives. We were all able to recognize how God gave us amazing opportunities to share the gospel with Israeli backpackers, and that through the experience we grew too.”

Click here to read a few snippets we’ve included from the Massah blog to give you a little taste of what they experienced.

The Journey Continues…

With our India team safely home, a new Massah group will soon be heading for South America!  Daniel and Eli, both part of our student program in Israel, are leading a team of six young men (one of whom just completed the Massah program in India) first to Brazil, then on to Peru.

Sergio Danon, who heads our work in Rio de Janeiro, is excited that the team is beginning their journey in Brazil. The group intends to stay for ten days (beginning on September 1) and will join Sergio for sorties (tract-passing expeditions) while also having concentrated times of discipleship and orientation to prepare them for a month-long journey in Peru. There they will be reaching out to other Israelis, who like them, have recently finished their military service.

Being newly released from the army makes this a critical time in the lives of these young adults.  Most need a time to “decompress.” Being a believer in the army can be a very isolating experience. When they come out, many find themselves needing to take a much closer look at what God wants for their lives. Massah enables us to come alongside young Israeli believers to help them dig into God’s word and strengthen godly relationships while also teaching and giving them opportunities to reach out to the lost.  Please pray for God to bless this group, to strengthen them spiritually, and to give them meaningful evangelistic conversations, so that more Israelis might come to know Jesus.


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