RealTime August 2008

A note from David Brickner: young Jewish believers in Jesus are sharing their faith in India
August 1, 2008


Some people say, It’s a miracle!” whenever God does something out of the ordinary. I believe in miracles, but they occur when God suspends His physical laws of order. Many wondrous, out of the ordinary events He orchestrates are what we’d call “Divine Appointments,” which can be just as faith building. Take for example Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch. No doubt this was a divine appointment: “

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Aaron and Rachelle Trank participated in BYG Israel as volunteers, prior to leading Massah. They are now officially on our staff! Massah has landed in Israel! The first week was an intense time of “hitting the streets” as Massah continued the sorties...

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Summer Witnessing Campaign Part Two: behind the scenes and contact sorties

(If you didn’t see the photos from last month click here to view them.) We’re grateful for stewards who cheerfully prepared our meals, packed our tract bags, prayed and supported us in so many ways New York City This year’s campaign included a daily...

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Jewish Facts of Life

Highlights in Jewish history for the month of August: August 3: the oil pipeline from Eilat to Haifa was completed, 1958 August 14: 120 Jewish families arrived in Buenos Aires, 1889, giving birth to the modern Argentinean Jewish community August 22: Jacob Barsimson,...

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Thank You For Praying

Click here on NYC Summer Witnessing Campaign, Camp Gilgal and our Massah program in Israel and India.”

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Real Deals

Rosh Hashanah (The Feast of Trumpets) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) are coming up soon, and will be followed by Sukkot (the Feast of Booths). This month’s Real Deal is all about giving you a jump on understanding these and other Jewish holidays.

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