RealTime August 2007

The Best is Yet to Come
August 1, 2007

Next month marks the 34 th anniversary of the Jews for Jesus ministry. (Of course we like to say we were established in 32 AD give or take a year!) Eleven years ago I was officially installed as Executive Director, taking over from our founder, Moishe Rosen, who...

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Massah photos


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Jewish Facts of Life

Rosh Hashanah will begin at sundown on September 12. Though it is known as the Jewish New Year, the Bible speaks of it as the Feast of Trumpets. It is most appropriate to send your Jewish friends a Rosh Hashanah greeting card. You can find them at your local...

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Jews for Jesus News

Here’s where we let you know what you can be praying for right now, offer you new broadside tracts to download, share our joys and sorrows and generally keep you current with our ministry. This week in Hungary . . . Many of our Jews for Jesus staff are in...

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Thank You For Praying!

Here’s where we let you know what’s been happening (or is about to happen) concerning matters we’ve asked you to pray about before, including our Summer Witnessing Campaign in New York, our outreach in Brazil and Massah, a new discipleship/evangelism...

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New York City Summer Campaign 2007

Sarah: During campaign training at Moody Bible Institute, I had to memorize our proposal statement*, reciting it over and over. I have to admit, I began feeling bored with it! But during campaign, a woman named Maureen was so moved that she burst into tears halfway...

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Rio Pan American Games Outreach

Click on images to enlarge. Sergio: One interesting thing about campaigning in your own city is the chance to meet family members while on the street. I was out broadsiding in Copacabana when I was approached by my Jewish cousin, Raquel. I spoke briefly with her and...

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Aaron Abramson reported: Things were going great when I left the team in northern India. Spirits are strong, but we have encountered tangible spiritual opposition throughout. Still, we praise God for encouraging us in so many ways. “We had a great time helping a...

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Sneak Peek
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Our regular September newsletter will feature: an article by David Brickner titled, A Dangerous Trend;” an introduction to our new Liberated Wailing Wall by Josh Cohen, Moishe’s Musings on music and bits from the branches in South Florida, Sydney, Kharkov...

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