WHERE, WHEN, WHO and HOW YOU CAN PRAY for what’s going on NOW

*BYG stands for Behold Your God, Jews for Jesus’ vision to reach every city (outside of Israel) where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people.

Cleveland: training August 14-16, campaign August 18-September 1, 2003, led by Greg Savitt and Greg Rosenberg

How you can pray:

Movie theaters will flash a three second ad 9,240 times this month, offering Survivor Stories to those who are interested. Pray for a good response. Classes resume at Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University the week of August 25th; pray for an effective witness there. Please also pray for favor with the authorities as we hand out tracts at the Cleveland Indians games.

If you would like to see the broadsides written especially for Cleveland BYG go to:


If you are interested in purchasing this video of Holocaust survivors who came to faith in Jesus, go to:


Seattle: training August 14-17; campaign August 19-September 1, 2003 led by Aaron Abramson and Amer Olson

Though campaign does not officially begin until Tuesday, August 19, those who arrived early for training did some great evangelism over the weekend. (This was a very unusual evangelistic opportunity that included a strange new tract, a sailboat for Jesus, and the distribution of nearly 1,000 Krispy Kreme donuts “do-nated” for this purpose.)

For a more detailed report, go to:


and for photos of this event, go to:


As a result of this weekend outreach, Aaron and Amer invite you to pray for:

Dan, a Jewish seeker, and for the 21 Jewish people who were interested enough to give their names and addresses to hear more about Jesus and for Thomas, a brand new Gentile brother in Christ who prayed to receive the Lord during the outreach Also, please pray for: Amer and Aaron as they plan the details for various upcoming outreaches; our stewards and chef as they uphold and serve us (especially Reggie and Charlotte who have most of the responsibility); a showing of Survivor Stories at a large public venue on August 28; an evangelistic art exhibit (featuring many of Chagall’s works) on August 26-27.


Rio de Janeiro: training August 19-23; campaign August 19-September 13, 2003 led by Sergio Danon and Oded Cohen

Many campaigners are flying from abroad; pray for safe flights, no problems with customs and quick recovery from jet lag. Pray for unity in our culturally diverse group, that Christ will be over all and binding the whole team together. Pray that God will use the training to teach campaigners what God wants them to know. The Survivor Stories video with Portuguese translation is in the final stage of production. Pray as we put up billboards and place an ad in a Jewish magazine, that all will go according to plan and that God will use this video to touch many Jewish hearts in Brazil. Pray that we reach many Jews and Gentiles on the streets of Rio with the truth of the gospel. Last but not least, at this point we still do not have a full-time chaplain although two pastors are willing to help at various times.

Please join Sergio in praying that God will bring a bi-lingual chaplain to tend to campaigners spiritual needs throughout the entire campaign.

Toronto: Training August 21-23; campaign August 25-September 12, 2003 led by Karl deSouza and Andrew Barron

The Canadian Jewish Congress contacted the police and said they feared violence as a result of our campaign. The Jewish community has mistakenly reported that we would be doing provocative things like handing out tracts in front of synagogues during services (which we don’t do). Andrew met with the police and found them very helpful. Please pray that the opposition, which has been gearing up for some time, will not prevent us from handing out tracts. To read an article in the Globe and Mail that reports on the upcoming campaign and our opposition’s comments and planned “counter-offensive” go to:


Pray for Andrew, who may have a torn ligament requiring surgery in his knee. Pray that as the campaigners arrive in town this Wednesday, they will quickly gel into a team. Our printer has experienced delays so pray we get all the tracts on time. Pray for continued media opportunities and for the Survivor Stories billboard. Finally, pray for us as we go door-to-door with invitations for people to come and see Survivor Stories.

If you would like to see a couple of the broadsides written for Toronto BYG go to: