Our Israel Director At The Mall

Israel director Dan Sered reports, “My Monday night Christ in the Passover presentation in Smalltown, USA*, drew a small, but great group of people, including Angelica. She normally attends a different church in town, but she came that night because she’d heard an Israeli would be presenting.

“Angelica told me, ‘I am friendly with some Israelis who are selling at kiosks in the mall‘ and she wondered if I could help reach them. To this I responded by asking Angelica to draw me a map of exactly where in the mall they are located. Then I promised to go see them the next day.

“Tuesday after lunch I headed to the mall and quickly found Merav. She is married to a local American, and is bored living in the Midwest. She was surprised to hear that I was in town for business. ‘What business?’ she asked. I answered, ‘Presenting Christ in the Passover in churches,’ and then for the next 30 minutes I got to sit down, open the Bible and share with her all about the Lord. At that point, a customer had a question, and it was clearly time for me to move on to the next kiosk, where I met Kefir.

“Kefir is also married to a local, but unlike Merav, he loves living in the Midwest. He was also a lot more open to the gospel—quite fascinated about the Messiah being revealed in the Passover—and we spoke for about an hour. Kefir comes from a religious family in southern Israel, and will soon be returning there for a visit to introduce his wife to the family. I gave him my business card, which he was delighted to receive. Kefir promised me that he will be in touch when they arrive in Israel, and that he will come see me when they tour Tel Aviv. Please pray for Kefir and Merav to be saved.“

*not the city’s real name 😉


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