Police Protection In Paris?

Why has the street in front of our Paris office been designated a no parking zone?

That thick white rectangle you see on the street indicates a tow away zone. It’s quite possible that the city has implemented that restriction, which pertains to our office and the businesses on either side, to protect our office. This according to Jews for Jesus Paris branch leader Joshua Turnil, who says, “I think that it means the government is taking seriously the threat against Jewish establishments, and that they consider us a potential target. I think the tow-away zone is just part one, though I don’t know for sure. I think they are going to add huge cement blocks to the front of the building.

“When Netanyahu came and told the Jews of France to come to Israel where they will be safe, the French government reacted negatively, but I think recent events have been a bit of a wake-up call.

“The bottom line is, we are Jews. Persecution has a way of emphasizing that in a visceral way. People here are becoming concerned that openly identifying as Jews will make them or their families targets. Parents are taking their kids out of Jewish schools, for example. And of course our office clearly identifies us as Jews for Jesus in the front window.

“Those of our administrative staff and volunteers who are not Jewish are finding themselves subject to Jewish vulnerability. It’s up to me to help them understand the positive aspects of ‘partaking in the suffering’ of God’s people. With our upcoming campaign and the climate of hostility toward Jewish people here,
we have a lot to figure out!

“Please pray that:

the added security will not deter potential seekers from coming to our office

God gives us the right word at the right time for people who do come in, and that He helps us speak to both Jews and non-Jews in times of duress

our relationship with the authorities would be strengthened through this

God gives us wisdom in our upcoming campaign so that we can continue to identify openly without causing anxiety to those who participate with us.”


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