Passover praise report

This year I was handling registration for three Passover banquets in Budapest.* We had publicized the events as well as resources allow, and we even handed out an evangelistic postcard inviting people to contact us if they were interested in celebrating Passover with us. I was responding to requests by phone, email and on our website, sending confirmations and letting people know that seats had been reserved for them. But somehow I had an uncomfortable feeling that I had failed to record and confirm someone who’d expressed interest.

Sure enough, the day of the first Passover banquet, a man called Imre** phoned to say that he had not received any confirmation, though he had registered with his family a long time ago. By then registration was full. What am I going to do now? I thought. They must not suffer because of my mistake. But what if there won’t be enough seats? I sent up a repentant prayer and registered the three of them for the first night of Passover. Evening came and God was so gracious to us. Three other people who were registered did not show up, making room for Imre and his family.

As the celebration was drawing to a close, we added a fifth question to the traditional four questions of Passover: “Have I applied the blood of the Messiah in faith to the doorposts of my heart?” Then I had an opportunity to invite people to do just that. I invited people to join me in prayer, then I prayed aloud a prayer of repentence and surrender to God, based on His offer of salvation through Jesus. Three people indicated that they had prayed along with me and had received Jesus for the first time in their lives. One of them was Imre!

It turned out that Imre was one of the people who’d received our Passover invitation on the street. What a blessing! And what a blessing that God prevented my mistake from hindering the work He was doing in Imre’s life—and even gave me the opportunity to lead him in a prayer to receive God’s gift of salvation!

Please pray for Imre to grow in his new faith, and for his family to come to know Yeshua.

*We held the events on different nights during Passover week, and around 80 people were registered for each night.

**Not his real name


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