Boston Marathon outreach

Thanks to those who prayed for our outreach at this year’s Boston marathon. The crowd was even harder than last year, which is saying something! Last year, missionary Karl deSouza said, “We sensed a hardness in the crowd towards our presence and/or towards spiritual matters.” Missionary Larry Dubin added, “It seemed that 99.9% of the people were absolutely not interested in the gospel. Not only did they not want to accept a broadside, they did not want to engage with us.” The team of five handed out 2,300 broadsides.

This year, team leader Dan Tasman, knowing that the focus of the marathon crowd is a celebration of human achievement, brought one of our newer evangelistic postcards, “Some people say there is no God.” Surprisingly, he and his team found the response even lower than last year. So the outreach was not a success as we measure success, but we can still pray and believe that God will use the efforts of those faithful four to His glory. What will we do next year? Work out a new, creative strategy? Choose to spend our energy elsewhere? We’ll have to pray, wait . . . and see!


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