RealTime April 2007

Prominent evangelical backs out of pro-Israel event over proselytizing disclaimer
April 1, 2007

Prominent evangelical backs out of pro-Israel event over proselytizing disclaimer Reported by Jim Brown for One News Now. Copyright 2006, 2007 American Family News Network Christian radio talk-show host Janet Parshall, a high-profile American evangelical known for her strong support of Israel, has dropped out of a Jerusalem conference sponsored by a Christian caucus of…

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On Courage
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I wonder why courage is so often stereotyped as a male trait. For many, the word conjures an image of the lone man, defying odds, standing tall, leading the charge. John F. Kennedy’s Pulitzer prize-winning book, “Profiles in Courage” profiles only men. Yet the most courageous people I have met were women. For men, courage…

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Jewish Facts of Life

This year, Yom HaAtzma’ut (literally: "Day of Independence") falls on Monday, April 23. For a Jews for Jesus summary of Israel’s Independence Day, as well as articles, poems and personal stories relating to Israel, go to: Lag Ba’omer falls on Sunday May 6. An “omer” refers to an ancient Hebrew measure of grain, amounting…

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Jews for Jesus News

Updates on Previous Prayer Requests: Regarding Jews for Jesus Founder, Moishe Rosen: We are praising God for answered prayer in that, one month following the first treatment, the PSA level has dropped from 127 to 22. This is very encouraging and we hope to see this trend continue for a full and lengthy remission. Meanwhile,…

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Real Deals
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As mentioned in David’s article, in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, we want to introduce you to Rose Price, a courageous woman who lived through the Holocaust and was born again through faith in Y’shua (Jesus). This is a first time ever package deal, a terrific opportunity for you to read the Rose Price story…

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Sneak Peek
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Our regular (snail mail) May newsletter will feature: Messianic Marching Orders, Part 3 of a series by David Brickner on the Great Commission statements; Leadership, Passing it On by New York branch leader Josh Sofaer, and Elisheva R who has taken over Josh’s responsibilities as East Coast youth leader; From the Moose’s Mouth, David Garrett…

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Boombamela Outreach

If you are looking for the quick 411, our three-day outreach resulted in 155 Jewish seekers giving us their contact information for follow up, and 2 Jewish people prayed to receive the Lord. We distributed 400 New Testaments, 200 other books for people to learn more about Jesus’ claims, and we handed out 2500 tracts….

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Passover Praises

It’s a bit early to have many reports back from this Passover season, but we did want to report some answers to pray since we asked you to pray that Jewish seekers would attend our Passover banquets. In Los Angeles, two Jewish people who attended our Passover banquet responded to the invitation to receive the…

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Boombamela New Age Festival Photos

Photography by David Wheeler. Click on images to enlarge. “Yeshua Rescued Me” Banner with Hebrew Website Banner in Silhouette “Yeshua Rescued Me” Sign Drew Seekers to Our Booth Volunteer Engages Seekers with New Testament Throngs Crowd Beach at Boombamela New Age Festival Some Come for the Music Creative Sand Sculptures Abound Some Are Human Canvases…

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