your stories

by Danielle in Georgia | February 12 2023

We have been asking you to pray for God to raise up the next generation of Jews for Jesus partners and wanted to share this story from Danielle (age 22) on behalf of her and her sister, Emily (age 20).

Jewish evangelism has been part of our lives since we can remember. Our grandparents were involved in Jewish evangelism (early on they worked with Moishe Rosen), and our parents have supported Jewish evangelism all their married life. By the time our mother connected with Ruth Rosen, my sister and I were in grade school and were eager to have a new pen pal—“Auntie Ruth” as we know her! We became personally familiar with Jews for Jesus and began supporting the ministry with a portion of allowance money or money given for birthdays or Christmas.

But for my sister and me, supporting Jewish missions isn’t just a matter of family tradition. Our parents explained why supporting Jewish evangelism was important to them. They never forced their views on us, but their reasons made sense, and their passion was contagious, not only for Jewish evangelism but for God’s Word—which is where they learned to care about Jewish people. They pointed us to the Scriptures when they explained the gospel, and it was in those same Scriptures that my sister and I could see and begin to share God’s heart for His chosen people.

We found ourselves desiring to be a part of taking the gospel of Jesus to the Jewish people. For us, delighting in what delights God is what started our pattern of giving to Jewish missions over 10 years ago, and that pattern continues to this day!



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