We all must answer for ourselves

We all must answer for ourselves

Members of our Russian-speaking team, be they in Russia, Ukraine or Israel, have an amazing ability to get right to the point and see God at work.

From Jerusalem, Natasha Krouter reports: “Recently I visited David, an elderly Jewish man with a very cheerful attitude. He is also a very creative person, I learned, as he read me some poetry he had written!

“Then I switched to a spiritual topic and asked David whether he considered himself a sinful person. He answered, ‘Yes, of course.’ I read to him from Isaiah 53, then 1 Peter 2:24 and explained about forgiveness through Jesus. I asked if he wanted his sins to be forgiven.

“He thought for a while and said, ‘I have a religious son.’ (Meaning his son is an Orthodox Jew who would be strongly opposed to his father professing faith in Jesus.)

“I told him frankly that a son will answer before God for his life, and the father for his. And then I asked, ‘What else prevents you from praying?’ It seemed that that was his only barrier because then David said, ‘Well, let’s pray!’

“And together we prayed as David repented of his sin and asked for forgiveness through Yeshua (Jesus). Please pray for God to nurture and strengthen his faith, and that David’s son might want to know the truth about Jesus as well.”


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