"Two Sons of the Middle East" makes début in Budapest

"Two Sons of the Middle East" makes début in Budapest

We hope you saw our previous story about our recent Budapest campaign. Here are further highlights from that outreach:

“Two Sons of the Middle East” was a first-time presentation by one of our Israeli staff, Dani, who now lives in Hungary with his friend Tawfik, an Arab believer in Jesus. Together the two of them have told a powerful story about the power of Yeshua (Jesus) to bring peace and reconciliation; their testimonies were interwoven with clips from our “Forbidden Peace” video (in Hungarian), as well as Israeli and Arabic music.

One hundred fifty guests attended, and many more tuned in as the program was broadcast live by a local Christian station and live-streamed on the internet. Two people prayed to receive Jesus after the presentation, one Jewish and one Gentile. Please pray as we continue to develop and offer this presentation, that God might be glorified and many more who attend might find peace through the Prince of Peace.

Another highlight was a special day when six churches joined us on the streets. They didn’t become part of our specific outreach per se, but each congregation’s team was able to reach out in their own way on the same day. What a great show of unity between all kinds of different Christians who love Budapest and want to see Jesus proclaimed!

Over the two-week special outreach, our team engaged in more than 1,600 gospel conversations, gathered information from 400 new contacts (including 49 Jewish people who don’t yet believe in Jesus and 198 Gentiles who are also open to hearing more about the gospel). Team members prayed with four Jewish people and twenty non-Jewish people to receive the Lord. They also handed out more than 147,000 gospel “broadslices.” (Our “broadsides” are trifold pamphlets; our “slices” are the same size and shape, but just one panel, front and back.)

Pray for the 247 people who were open to hearing more about Jesus, that they would find the good news to be true and have new life and new hope in Him.

Pictured above: Jews for Jesus staff member Dani (with the cap) is an Israeli serving with us in Budapest. Here he is being photographed by Jewish people (probably also Israelis) who don’t yet believe in Jesus.


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