This new Jewish believer in Jesus needs your prayers!

This new Jewish believer in Jesus needs your prayers!

Susan Mendelson reports from New York, “One of my ministry partners is a Jewish believer in Jesus named Sara, who lives in New Jersey. Last fall, Sara and her husband came into the City for Rosh Hashanah—no small schlep! They brought an older gentleman named Saul,* who is not a believer in Jesus. Saul seemed to enjoy our Messianic holiday service as well as talking with people afterward.

“A few months later, I visited Saul to chat over coffee. I asked Sara and another Jewish believer friend, Diann, to join us. Saul was very willing to tell us about his journey, including his time as a member of Chabad Lubavitch, a fervently religious Jewish sect. We discussed many spiritual topics, and, in the end, Saul said he’d like to continue our discussion.

“Diann and I recently met again with Saul. He had obviously been studying and exploring the things we’d discussed. While almost convinced that Jesus is the Messiah, he was still caught up in the traditional view that Jewish people just don’t, or can’t, believe in Jesus. He knew that, if he violated that tradition, he could very likely be ostracized by his family and community. However, after much conversation, Saul could see that his relationship with God was even more important than the approval of his family, and bigger than any difficulty he might face.

“I then invited Saul to receive Jesus as his Messiah. He accepted that invitation, but, as we started to pray, he stopped me to say, “Let’s call him Yeshua (Jesus)—that’s His name!” Saul prayed to receive Yeshua right then and there! Please pray that he would become firmly rooted in his new faith and continue growing by leaps and bounds in his love for Messiah.”

* Names are often changed to protect privacy.


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